OG, I'm an IDIOT!

I’m pitting myself for getting to close to close to the side of the garage this morning while backing out of it and subsequently ripping the passenger side mirror off! Explaining how I did it to my fiance was even more fun… Now I just hope I can find a body shop to fix it for less than $500 bucks!! :smack: :smack: :smack:

This way please: Intelectuallly Inferior Dopers, UNITE!!

$500 for just a side mirror? Do you drive a gold plated Porsche or something? :slight_smile:

Heh, and the moderators all crowd round to point and laugh :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome to the boards :slight_smile:

No, just an Acura, but Honda/Acura parts are insanely expensive. The power window motor that I needed several months ago would have cost me $350 plus labor except that the bodyshop that fixed it got a discount from the parts department at the dealership (It still cost me about $200).

I should have learned when I was in Basic training to stay under the radar of the people in charge. At least the Mods are laughing at me rather than yelling. :slight_smile:

My driver banged the side-view mirror in the Honda, and we got it replaced for US$20. Electronic adjust and all. Should I send you a dozen from here ? That should keep you safe for a while :smiley:

Your driver, eh? That’s it. I demand a raise, Zotti. :smiley:

Hey, welcome to the SDMB, amie. Don’t listen to any of those guys, it was a simple miscalculation – a common mistake shared by thousands of perfectly intelligent drivers. Hold your head up high, aimee, and know that however bad it looks, despite how many people call you an uncoordinated idiot, besides the fact that you will never be able to show your face again in polite society, you are not alone.
I did the exact same thing.

Thank you for the kind words, koeeoaddi :slight_smile: My coworkers have all done the same thing, but they still laughed at me, lol.

Welcome to the boards, amie! I’m from Charlotte, myself. :smiley:

Welcome amie. So far I haven’t managed to rip off a mirror yet but I have hit the door facing on my garage twice while pulling into the garage. Sigh And I was sober too. :smiley:

I’m from Betsy, and she never lets me forget it. “Thirty-two hours I was in labor with you!”

“I have a fear of open places,” I always say. “Besides, who doesn’t resist eviction?”

Mr. Pundit keeps trying to convince me that I should fold in my mirrors each time I pull into the garage door because I keep hitting the sides. I used to falsely promise that I would fold them in but now I don’t even do that. CLEARLY the problem lies in the size of the garage, not my driving abilities. It’s nothing that a stick of dynamite couldn’t solve.

I hit the facing on the garage while backing out last week, now this… I wouldn’t have ripped the stupid thing off if Acura made mirrors that fold on my car (My fiance has an Integra, and his fold)!

Park in the middle of the garage. That’ll show him! :wink:

How “off” is off? Is it a power mirror? If so, did you break the motor connection (a little cable running from the interior to the mirror)?

If not, spending a few dollars on some epoxy might be all you really need…

I did the same thing, but instead of a garage it was the rear corner of pickup truck who halfway changed lanes, and then stopped…

My Mazda has folding mirrors. How do I know? Err…hmmm…I read the manual?
…pay no attention to the chipped paint on the garage door…

I feel your pain, as I did the same thing some years ago with my van. My ex is a packrat and made me keep an appliance packing box, which I folded up and slid into a spot near the garage door. It stuck out about six inches into the opening. Next morning…WHACK!

You hae foldable side mirrors? Just what kind of a freak-ass car are you driving?