'OGG' files

In this thread, on worst performers, there’s a link to a Wikpedia entry that, in turn, links to a file with an “ogg” suffix (or whatever you call the letters after the dot).

How do I open this ‘ogg’ file? (I’m using XP with Internet Explorer)



Winamp can play them with a plugin

Winamp doesn’t need a plugin to play them. That plugin is just for encoding to OGG from your CDs.

Sorry, the emphasis was unnecessary :slight_smile: What I really meant to say is that Winamp rocks.

Carry on.

True, thanks for the correction.

Question: Will an .OGG file smite one’s computer?

According to this site, the OGG file extension can be one of three types: a compressed WAV file; a graphic file; or a game file.

However, it’s almost always the former – a free (as in both information and beer) audio codec.