Oh Air-man Doooors......

Thank you for your hospitality at PSInet north…er Heinz Field. Those Stiller fans are just so nice! I really enjoyed how most of the people in the stadium were waving white flags of surrender whenever the Baltimore defense was on the field. Must be something in the water there, however, because the flags were yellowed and dingy, try bleach. I also liked the way the Bus STILL can’t break the century mark when facing the Purple Reign. Kordell sniping at Kris Brown at the end of the game was very classy as well. Want Garo Yapremian’s agent’s phone number?

Die. Just die. I try to show some class, and what do I get for my trouble?

This is war, and believe me, I WILL have the last laugh.


[sub]Remember, it’s all in jest, Dave. Maybe.[/sub] :wink:

Jest all you want, Doors, but don’t be surprised if Weirddave turns up someday with a Terrible Towel crammed down his throat. :wink:

Throat? Ha! After I’m done with him he’s gonna need a proctologist. :wink: