Oh, boy! A credit card! For ME!

So, here I am, sitting on the sofa, knitting a new winter hat. Why am I doing this? Why, because I have no job, and so I like to make myself useful. I have already knitted a new hat and scarf set for my hubby for Christmas. I may later get up and take a lovely stroll to the Locks.

Why do I have no job? Very simple: I have no SSN - I am still waiting for my visa to be processed. Certainly, it’s taking some time, but I am patient, and willing to follow the rules. Until then, I am still a visitor in this beautiful country. That said…

The telephone rings, and I answer it. “Hello?”
A man at the other end says, “Hello, ma’am, this is soandso from suchandsuch Co. I was just calling to tell you that you have been approved to receive a credit card from us.”
“Oh, boy!” I say. “Yay!”
“Oh, good, I’m glad you’re so enthusiastic about it!” the man says.
“Oh, yes,” I say. “Do go on.”
“Well, you get a $5000 credit limit to start…”
“Oh, WOW!” I interrupt.
“Yes, quite nice, but you deserve it.”
“I have been quite good with my past credit.”
“Oh, yes, we know. Now.”
“Oh, dear, there’s always a little catch, isn’t there?” I ask, worriedly.
“Now, now, it’s not that bad. It’s very simple, actually.”
“Oh, good!” said I.
“Before we can send you this new credit card, we need your old credit card information. To verify, you understand.”
“Oh, that sounds so simple! Let me go get it.”
“Wonderful, ma’am! Let me know when you’re ready.”
I make vague rummaging noises. I haven’t actually left the sofa. I knit a row.
“Hmm… just give me a moment, I know I have it somewhere.”
“Certainly, ma’am, take your time. I’ll be ready.”
“Ah! Found it. Now, what information about it do you need?”
“Ah, the number, and date…”
“Oh, yes, yes, I understand… it’s…” I pause.
“Yes? Is there a problem?”
“May I ask a quick question, before I read this off?”
“Of course, ma’am.”
I’m approved for this new card?”
“What’s my name?”

Click. Beeeeeeep.

Fun. :smiley:


I was going to chide you for being incredibley (sic) naive. Until the end. You had me going. Nice! When telemarketers call me, asking me if I want to give money to such-and-such charity, I wait until they say who the charity is, then tell them in a most unpleasant fashion that I think X has too much money as it is, and hang up.

<Mr. Burns> Excellent.
</Mr. Burns>

Hah. Nicely done. Almost makes me wish I got those calls.

Well…not so much.

So now I get to chide you? (I keed, I keed) :smiley:

Interestingly enough, it’s been a quiet day for telelmarketers. Yesterday I was flooded with them, and after this one, it’s been eerily silent. I wonder if they’re all connected somehow… when something like this happens, they make calls to every telemarketer out there with warning: “Don’t call the Anastasaeon residence! They’re onto us! Alert the mother ship!”

I thought I heard the telephone lines outside the apartment sing deeply.

Erg, that’s supposed to be sigh, not sing.

mutters Now I’ll be hearing the wires singing Crash Test Dummies songs all day. They might, too, I’m sure they have the ability to sing “Mmmmm, mmmm, mmmm, mmmmm…”

The same guy called me back this morning, poor soul. I must have really had this guy convinced that I was going to give him my credit card number. And he did his research first: Instead of calling me “ma’am” today, he started calling me “Mrs. Anderson.” Awwww! How precious. The conversation today was short. After the same introduction as yesterday, and dropping in a few "Mrs. Anderson"s in place of the "ma’am"s:

“Sir, I really had you going yesterday, didn’t I?”
“I… uh… no… who are you?”
“Sir, I know you’re the same person as yesterday, aren’t you?”
“Well, I might have…”
“It’s okay. You’ve discovered my last name somehow, have you?”
“Well… you see, it’s written here…”
“That’s so nice of you to have done your homework this time.”
“Do you know my first name, too?”
“That’s good. Since the last name you used is also not my last name.” (It’s my husband’s :smiley: )
deep sigh
“Sir, you are pulling a scam, and I am reporting your number to the phone company*. Please do not call back again.”
“No, ma’am.”
“That’s *Mrs. Anderson * to you.”

Click. Beeeeeeeep.

Fun, but irritating. Rookie.

    • I used *57 - might not have been the right thing to use, but it should scare him off. I repeat: Rookie.

Have you bee watching Lain again? :slight_smile:

One of the most amusing anecdotes of dealing with telemarketers I have ever had the pleasure of reading. :slight_smile: Thank you for sharing that with us!


Except that this guy isn’t a telemarketer. He’s a con artist trying to scam people’s credit card numbers from them.

This is why I need the SDMB. I’d be hopelessly clueless without it.

WRS - I need to go and get a clue