Oh, caligulashorse, we hardly knew ye

I’m not objecting to the banning of caligulashorse, who in a few shining posts demonstrated a rare ability to offend vertually everyone with a remarkable economy of words.

But I’m curious as to why, as there appears not to be any “smoking gun”, as it were.

“Do not suffer a troll to live.”

Well, then, I have a few other suggestions…

I am not a troll, Jim. A gnome, a hobgoblin, or a nincompoop, quite possibly. :smiley:

How fascinating that you assume you are the subject of my ruminations.

Well, you are… now!

Does that make it a self-fulfilling trollosophy? :stuck_out_tongue:

The only way to be certain is to perform a trollonoscopy. Myself, I prefer not to know.

It’s getting really silly in here.

Must be Camelot.

Duh, camels and horses are completely different animals.

We are giddy with being out from under the oppressive thumb of caligulashorse.

What if it’s a camel who feels he was a horse born in the wrong body?

What if caligulashorse really wanted to be caligulascamel but was ashamed of the hump? I could certainly feel the bitterness pouring out.

A large pile of spitballs amounts to the same thing.

Actually, he was caligulascamel, but he was ashamed of his toe, hence the nom de plume.

Please remember: we prefer NOT talking about people who aren’t around to respond.

Oh yeah, I remember, the grownups don’t have a real clear understanding of fun. :slight_smile:

The name should have been Incitatus, shouldn’t it?

And I think we’re done here. Thank you for playing.