Oh, Cecil. Where are you? Beckdawrek summons you

Maybe Unca Ceec is locked up in a nursing home and can’t respond.

I know for a fact nursing home victims, I mean patients, are free to use their phones and laptops.

If they remember how.

I am destined to be interred at a nursing home.
I vow to remember how to use these devices.
If not, can I call you?

I ask the whole Doper community to rescue me.
Surely, some of you lazy bums will show up, cut the ankle alarm off and carry me away.

Trust me, it’s the last thing to go.

Here’s to being free!
la la la la la la la, Cecil’s back!
Here’s to you and me!
la la la la la la la, Cecil’s back!
Here’s to flying high!

Om freakin’ g.

Hi @Cecil_Adams.

Come in my thread and say hi to me.

Your most loyal devotee,


That is exciting news!

Thx, @carnut, for bumping my most happiest thread ever.
Even if @Cecil_Adams refus…umm…forgets to grace us with his presence.


I hope he gets a kick out of your devotion, Beck, He must need it right now.

I am quite fond of @Cecil_Adams

But, alas he doesn’t notice Lil’ ol’beck.


I bet he does. I bet he just doesn’t want to establish a precedent.

Can we please talk nice about @Ed_Zotti and @Cecil_Adams ?

I can’t stand the backbiting and name calling.
It’s not necessary in a true adult discussion.
I know people get angry and spew forth. It’s just not helpful.
I don’t want this board to fail.
I’ve come to rely on it.


I have more cats, dogs and Bigfoot threads to make. :yum:

Oh, Beck, I so agree. I’ve been pretty upset about the maliciousness. I was really taken aback, not because there was criticism of ideas–That’s what Ed asked for–but because of the personal nature of the attacks.

And I know I’ve said a few times that I don’t think Cecil will reply because he doesn’t want to set a precedent, etc., but I really hope you get a personal message from him. In the meantime, you’ve got all of your MPSIMS friends here for you. And Bigfoot. Definitely Bigfoot.

I’m not Cecil but I think you’re adorable, Beck :smiley:

Why, thx :blush:

We appreciate your kind thoughts. -Ed

:heart:I’m speechless.

(Shut-up, I can quit talking any time I want, I swear)