Oh, God! - what a great movie

Talk about your forgotten classics! I caught this movie on TV the other day, and had completely forgotten how special this movie was. Funny, yet strangely moving.

Just wanted to share…

Do you mean that “Oh God!” is a great movie, or that, oh God, you just watched a great movie, but you won’t tell us what it is.

(If it was the movie “Oh God!,” I remember seeing that at the drive-in. IIRC, there was a great deal of controversy about George Burns playing the role of God.)

George Burns is a better god than God. :slight_smile:

Pity about the sequels, though.

(And Terry Pratchett’s Death is the only death I want, thankyouverymuch)

LOL, no I meant the George Burns / John Denver movie. Maybe not a classic, but I thought it was a great deal of fun at the time. And I liked that while it was slightly irreverant, it didn’t go out of its way to put down any religious faith. I kinda like to think that if I were ever to meet God, he might take on the form of George Burns.

The Second movie, was in many ways a rehash of the first one, only with God visiting a young girl, which i thought paled beside the first one, but wasn’t all that bad a movie.

The third one: “Oh, God!, You Devil!”, was very disappointing.

But the original was a near classic…

I thought “Oh, God” was OK, but could have been a very good film if John Denver hadn’t been in it. Richard Benjamin was right for the part; Denver was bland with a capital B.

This is more of a MPSIMSish type of thread, so I’m moving it.

Both sequels sucked.