Worst. Sequel. EVER! Part Deux

I think we’ve had a few that qualified since the last thread on this subject.

To qualify, the first movie must be worth watching. My nomination is The Whole Ten Yards. It is not only a ghodawful movie, but the frakkin’ title makes no sense what so ever.

I thought *The Whole Nine Yards *was terrible to begin with, with the exception of Amanda Peet’s tits.

I dunno if Highlander meets the "worth watching"criterion, but Highlander II was a huge step down from even that. There’s only one movie I despise more, and that one’s not a sequel, so this has to be the worst sequel ever as far as I am concerned.

Blues Brothers 2000. I’m sure most of the people who appeared in it are still trying wash the stink off.
So what do I win?

The Lost Boys sequel.

Not even really a sequel to the first one except for the fact that Corey Feldman is in it, and not an interesting story either.

I’d have rather seen the story that led up to the last scene:

Where Corey Haim’s character has become a vampire and seems to be in a fued with Corey Feldman.

That could have made a good movie.

Wouldn’t it be easier to do a thread on sequels that were good? Most if not all sequels suck – that’s an elementary truth, but it is very seldom that the sequel is as good if not better than the original. One example that leaps to mind is The Godfather, Part II.

The 1980s Batman and Superman movie franchises each hit rock bottom with the third installment and started digging below that with the fourth.

I was going to say Highlander 2, but the original Blues Brothers movie was so good, and this one so far down, that I’m thinking you may have won it.

Since there is a thread on it currently, I’ll only passively mention Ocean’s 12, which was really bad and weird and nonsensical.

I think the Phantom Menace should count, even though it is a prequel. It’s so bad, we’ve all just accepted it, forgotten it, and moved on. It’s horrible. Really.

Very well done review of Phanom Menace

The follow up to The Exorcist was so bad, it doesn’t even deserve to be named.

The Sting II.

Honestly, I thought that Dark Knight was a shitty movie. As much as I liked Batman Begins, why did we ever accept Bale’s “Batman voice” in the first place? He really took that voice to new depths of self-parody in the sequel. The scenes in Hong Kong were pointless, that whole cell phone signal echolocating technology thingy and the speech Morgan Freeman gave against it that was clearly a rant against Bush wiretapping was unnecessary, Harvey Dent’s catastrophically injured face that he was able to shake off with no problems was ridiculous, and the whole thing was hyped to Hell and back.

It’s debatable at best if Jurrasic Park was worth watching. But the first sequel was one of the worst things I’ve ever seen.

I’m still waiting for Caligula II: Electric Boogaloo or Plan 10 from Outer Space.

I agree…except the Joker really made it worthwhile. He stole the show from everyone else.

I watched it when it came out, and thought the whole Ledger thing was a bunch of hype. You know what happens to actors when they die. But I watched it again a month or so ago, and there is no doubt that he has an incredible amount of [negative] charisma and when he is on the screen, everyone else might as well not be.

“I’m going to do a magic trick. I’m going to make this pencil…disappear.”

Can we do books in this thread, too?

Because I just got done reading “Tehanu,” the tacked-on sequel to Ursula K. Le Guin’s *Earthsea *trilogy. It had been years since I’d read it, and all I could remember about it was that it was really disappointing. I tried to just treat it as a standalone, and pretend the characters were unrelated to the ones in the trilogy, but even as a standalone it completely failed. Treated as a true continuation of the trilogy, it’s even more dreadful.

Totally different writing style that was little more than a weird screed about how sexist all societies in Earthsea are. Heavy-handed but ultimately unearned foreshadowing. A nonsense finale. A total squandering of existing characters, and the creation of new ones who added nothing or actively detracted from the story. Super obscure motivations all the way around. New “rules” for that universe seemingly invented for that book with little thought to what it meant to the previous books.

Ugh. Such a waste.

The Neverending Story 2

Shrek 2 may very well have been better than the original, but Shrek the Third was…not good at all.

And if we’re talking books, all the ones that came after The Clan of the Cave Bear were horrible, softcore porn drek in which Ayla invents everything on earth and Jondalar rewards her with his giant wang.

Can we do presidencies? Because Bush II was the worst EVER!!!

I liked Dumb and Dumber. Not hight art, but it was a funny, entertaining film starring a pair of talented comedic actors.

Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd was a painfully unfunny mess starring… who now?

Now you’ve done it. You mentioned Highlander II, so now a whole mess of Dopers are foing to come in here and go,

“What are you tlaking about? There was no Highlander II. :p”

Har-de fuckin’- har har. That joke was mildly amusing the first time I heard it here, it was ok that I then read it about five dozen more times, but now it’s is painfully annoying and I’m sick of it. It’s not funny anymore, and you’re not original by posing it, so I’m making a plea in advance to not do it.

Of course, now that I made my rant, someone is going to do it just for the sake of being “cute” and “cheeky,” which is another rant for another time.


But to actually answer the OP, X-Men 3 was the a film that X-men and X-Men 2 should have had aborted.