Worst. Sequel. EVER!

I just sat thru Robocop 3 and it was so painful that I had to gouge out one of my eyes to take my mind off of it. Robocop is one of my favorite sci fi movies of all time. The second one was mediocre. But this one… It’s PG-13 first of all. They don’t have the same guy playing Robo. And he says dumb shit. People in the movie suck. The story sucks.

Worst. Sequel. EVER! (even worse than Predator 2)

Worse than Highlander II: The Quickening? I think not.

Besides, I’ll watch anything with Jill Hennessy in it. Yes, I am the only one watching Crossing Jordan. :smiley:

The only redeeming thing about Predator 2 was seeing the Predator’s trophy case.

A spunky orphan girl character will poison everything.

I’ve heard stories of a sequel to Highlander that was so incredibly bad that even mentioning it can rip a hole in the space-time continuum often wiping all traces of the person who mentioned it from reality. Fortunately no sequels exist; I’m glad the filmmakers knew there wasn’t any reasonable way to do a sequel.

If you’re going purely by dropoff factor, I’m gonna have to go with Speed 2. By dropoff factor, I mean the difference in quality between the sequel and it’s predecessor.

If you’re going by worst overall movie, I’m gonna have to go with Slap Shot 2. The original wasn’t that great to begin with though.

Good choices though, all very worthy of the Golden Raspberry.


I’m sure it’s an acquired taste - like wine.

(Slap Shot I mean, Slap shot 2 was absolute crap, there’s no acquiring a taste for that)

I LIKED Predator 2, dangit.

If they ever made a sequel to Highlander, I’m sure would be the worst sequel ever. :wink:

Do prequels count? if so, Ep I would be in the running.

shudders in memory

God, they even included an environmentalist message in the film, and an -evil- big corporation.

I would like to pat myself on the back for never having seen the sequel-that-shall-not-be-named.

:: pats self on back::

How could anyone like Predator 2? You’re gonna tell me that Arnold barely survived fighting the Predator but I am supposed to believe that Danny-fucking-Glover can take him down? Danny Glover? Come on!

Blues Brothers 2000. No way that movie should have been made. Everyone from the first one was either dead or a shell of their former selves.

Two words.

Grease 2.

I like to think that the Predator was thrown off of his game by Gary Busey’s enormous teeth. Perhaps their gravitational pull distorted his targeting systems or something.

For the most depressing fall from grace, I give you Alien Resurrection. The first one was great, the second was awesome, the third somewhat iffy (I liked it, but I know others who had issues with it), but all I can say about the fourth one is that I’m glad the producers had the guts to not actually make the movie, just like the producers of the Highlander sequels and some of the middle Star Trek movies decided to never make those stinkers either.

I second the nomination for Alien Resurrection. What a pooch-screw of a movie. I liked all of the previous three (yes, even the third). The fourth movie just tried to be all three of the original at once… it tried to incorporate the Huge Mostly Abandoned For Some Dumb Reason Spaceship[sub]TM[/sub] from the first movie, the Rag-Tag Yet Loveable Motley Bunch Of Misfits[sub]TM[/sub] from the second (they even attempted to recreate Hudson, for Christ’s sake!), and the Dilapidated Rust-Covering-Everything And Sickly Yellow Lighted Complex[sub]TM[/sub] from the third movie.

And it had some of the dumbest dialogue ever. At one point, Jonner says to Ripley, “Hey, I heard that you ran into these things [the aliens] before.” NO YOU DIDN’T!!! He had NOT heard that from ANYWHERE!! Nobody mentioned it! At NO POINT did he hear anything of the sort!!!


To think… I can write better than 99% of the dickheads they have in Hollywood, and I’m still broke. Makes me wanna jump in front of a bus sometime.

What’s all this I hear about a third Alien movie? It never happened. There was some talk about making one for a while, and even that they were going to hand it to some up-and-coming music video director who would bring a new sense of edgy style to the franchise. I sure am glad they didn’t do that!

Imagine how awful that would’ve turned out! It would’ve been a pointless, plotless load of crap that managed to completely invalidate the entire previous movie by killing off two of the most important characters even before the credits finished! And then after peeing on the previous movie, it would’ve gone on to piss on the first movie as well by killing off the main character in a way that was completely devoid of meaning!

So yeah, stop talking about that imaginary movie that never happened.

Home Alone 4. That’s right. The well wasn’t completely dry after 3 installments. We went from out of nowhere success to obvious follow up for easy money to unpalatable tripe with little relation to the first two movies to incomprehensible TV movie.

Look Who’s Talking Now - Not only does this give us more of the evil Kirstie Alley on the screen, but it gives us talking pets. Oh the hilarity!

I wholeheartedly agree. BB2K was not only bad, it was infuriating. I left the theater angry…ANGRY that the greatest film ever made (IMNSHO) could be twisted into this absolute piece of dung.