Ellen DeGeneres to Star in Remake of "Oh, God."

Ellen is going to play God.

I’m sure this will insense the religious right but I think she’s a pretty good choice. I think it fits her sense of humor, she’s done God jokes in her stand-up act, and over all it’s the kind of thing she’s good at, sort of standing aloof and being quirky and wry which worked well for her Finding Nemo character. Material based around relationships and romance has not been successful at all for her, but I think an Oh, God remake will be a really good way to showcase her talent, which she does have.

Other thoughts? Anybody offended?

I’m offended. You ever see the piece of shit? I’m offended that they are going to waste money and remake such an gawdawful sappy movie like that.

But Oh God, You Devil was a great movie, why can’t they make that? :wink:

As they couldn’t HOPE to find someone as horrible as John Denver, the remake will be MUCH more watchable.

Hasn’t she already played God, or at least someone who thinks they’re God-like? I’m refering to her role as the producer in EdTV. I don’t think it’ll be much of a stretch for her, and I think she’ll be relatively good. But I generally hate remakes, so I’m not looking forward to it. Besides, they’ve don’t have a script yet.

Stand-up comics should stick to what they know. There is no reason on earth to do a remake of this shtick other than the fact that most movie producers are bereft of original ideas. This will be another clunker that gets shit on by the critics and makes a bunch of money because people are just that stupid.

This is why I don’t make the big bucks. I never would have considered her for the part, but I think she could really be good in that role.

She should test it by going on “Joan of Arcadia.” :smiley:

Shouldn’t she go on a show people actually watch?

:dubious: :dubious: :dubious:
You are aware of how George Burns started his career, right?

I think that she’s a pretty good choice precisely because she’ll insense the religious right. Even if the movie itself is garbage, it should be fun to watch the fundies go into conniptions.

And that won’t cost $9 either. :slight_smile:

And you apparently consider his deadpan one-liner delivery in the movies to be great acting? He was lucky to be able to parlay his age and lovable manner into a second career, but as an actor he was…well…George Burns.

Hey, how about “Oh, God, Not Again” for a title?

Why, Diogenes! Are you implying that Mr. Wrong wasn’t an Oscar-worthy cinematic masterpiece?

According to the article, they have yet to hire either a director or screenwriter, so it’s still a mystery as to whether or not the movie will be worthwhile.

But yeah, frothing fundamentalists will be entertaining, if nothing else.

You know, this just might be the first good argument for atheism I’ve seen on the SDMB!

“Oh, God”?

Oh, God!

:smiley: I’m just glad I was first.

And I remember liking “Oh, God”.

You’re all forgetting that the only reason this idea has seen the light of day is that The Pash was such a moneymaker: they’ll be courting the religious right, not thumbing their noses at them. I predict it’ll be pretty tame and lame.

I just hope this time, God has some message more profound and/or more useful than, “You’ve got everything you need to make it work!”

BTW, as far as religious-themed comedy goes, Oh God was far, far outshone by In God We Tru$t (1980), with Marty Feldman as Brother Ambrose, Andy Kaufman as Armageddon T. Thunderbird, and Richard Pryor as G.O.D.! (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0080917/)

Of COURSE that’s as profound as the message will get! Hollywood’s God doesn’t want us to do anything we don’t want to do, or refrain from doing anything we DO want to do. Hollywood’s God just wants us to be nice and non-judgmental and do our own thing.

Well, remember, he also said “Don’t wet it,” “Ostriches… silly-lookin’ creatures” and “Shut up.”

I’d vote for a God that came down every once in a while and told fundie preachers to shut the hell up.