Oh isn't all in the company you keep???

From:The Smoking Gun

A Little Skin From Clinton Crony
No intern, cigar, or pizza involved in Reichian frolic
Look, if you told us that a former Bill Clinton cabinet member was posing nude for a pin-up calendar, we’d be hard-pressed to pick which pol we’d most like to see in the buff. Reno? Albright? Shalala? Norton? All fine choices–va-va-va-voom–in more ways than one. So imagine The Smoking Gun’s disappointment when we learned that Robert Reich, who headed the Department of Labor, was the stripping Secretary. Reich, the 4’ 10" Democratic dynamo who was routed in last year’s Massachusetts gubernatorial primary, posed last week for a 2004 calendar that will raise funds for a Cambridge community television group (the organization will begin selling the $15 item this summer). But thanks to a carefully placed basket stuffed with lettuce and an erect baguette, the 57-year-old Reich, a Brandeis University professor, avoided, um, total disclosure. We have to wonder what’s next in the Clinton skin continuum. First, Al Gore slipped shirtless into that “Saturday Night Live” hot tub. Now Reich flashes some liberal beefcake. Can Hazel O’Leary’s “Girls Gone Wild” appearance be far off?


Oh the horror…

And your problem with it is what exactly?

Well, it’s not the most appetizing picture I’ve ever seen, but if he’s comfortable enough in his own skin to pose for it-it’s for a good cause, afterall-more power to him!


I honestly have to wonder what made you so ashamed of your own body, Danae, to think that this story was something that others would feel humiliated by.

Oh, well. Small people, small worries (and I ain’t talkin’ about height).

Wow. Someone you find physically unattractive posed nude.

Gosh, I can really sympathize with you. Sometimes I stumble upon posts made by people I find intellectually repulsive. Know what I do?

I stop reading.

You might want to stop looking if it’s so hideous to you.

Jack is right! We now have all the evidence we need to take down the oppressive Clinton regime!

Hee. My political role model, Svend Robinson, once posed nude for a “save the Georgia Straits” benefit called Hunks For Habitat. The photo appeared on a website with his body covered in little images of shells; you could donate to have shells removed.

(It was a while ago; I finally found the link on a board that billed itself “the voice of principled conservatism” and was ranting about how the evil gay homaseckshul was embarassing Canada. Excuse me while I :rolleyes:.)

I was far too poor to donate, but i would have done so gladly :slight_smile:


Tee hee! Snicker! He’s got a wiener!

still trying to parse the thread’s title

I took it to mean that because he was in Clinton’s company, a man who has had sex, then therefore he has been corrupted into thinking sexual matters such as posing nude are OK. This of course is immoral; people should reproduce asexually.

I caught the general gestalt of it, but I’m sure there’s a word or two missing in the title. Or maybe they’re just covered up by question mar???