Oh Joy! I'm About To Be "Indicated".

And it came to pass that Quasimodem was ostracized by all the right-thinking denizens of the village, who shunned him upon sighting the Scarlet MP3 emblazoned upon his garment…

:In A Gene Hackman Voice:

“I love you guys!”


i]All* downloads are illegal, eh? I’m sure the proprietors of freeware services like Tucows, and of pay download services like iTunes would be interested to hear this.

I must have missed that multi-gigabyte upload. Of course there’s no traceable message info. And it’s in crappy English too. Real law-enforcement agents know how to use the language.

I hate these &^$##) virospammers.

Department for Illegal Internet Downloads is situated between The Department For Stepping On Cracks In The Pavement (room 7352) and The Department For Wearing A Loud Shirt In A Public Place (room 7348). Across the hall in room 7349 is The Department For Looking At Me In A funny Way.

I would have been freaking out. I have heard stories of people getting arrested for downloading off of things like Kazaa recently including a young kid.

After initial shock, I would have realized how study that email ms and would have calmed down. And then forwarded to the FBI.

I don’t thnk that is funny at all.

Unbelievable, but people do fall for this stuff! I was helping a friend sell an item on E-bay- we were using my account, but her contact e-mail addy. At any rate, I was out of town on business and I got this frantic voicemail that here E-bay account was being frozen and her Pay-Pal too for “illegal E-bay practices”. She had already clicked the linked text (which was a password grabber) and entered in her Pay-Pal account name and pass.

Well, obviously it was a scam but that didn’t occur to her until long after she’d clicked the link. I had her immediately change her passwords to E-bay and Pay-Pal, and all ended up OK, but I was stunned at how fast she reacted- within seconds she had clicked the link and entered her info. When I asked her to hover her mouse over the link to see what it led to, she finally “got it” and realized what had happened.

And she’s an intelligent, relatively savvy woman.

…a curse which he could only escape by scaling the Mag-Dunbar-Oilsam-Thrumplat-Charles mountains, and, verily, purchasing each song he had pilfered from the great golden music depository of Ram-Gilliad-Fansworth-Leem.