Oh Joy! I'm About To Be "Indicated".

Got this in my e-mail this morning:

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Downloading of Movies, MP3s and Software is illegal and punishable by

We hereby inform you that your computer was scanned under the IP . The
contents of your computer were confiscated as an evidence, and you will
be indicated.
In the next days you will receive the charge in writing.
In the Reference code: #10211, are all files, that we found on your

The sender address of this mail was masked, to protect us against mail

  • You get more detailed information by the Federal Bureau of
    Investigation -FBI-
  • Department for “Illegal Internet Downloads”, Room 7350
  • 935 Pennsylvania Avenue
  • Washington, DC 20535, USA
  • (202) 324-3000

It came with an attachment (of course) which I didn’t bother to download. Any of y’all get this, and didn’t you just laugh your buns off?


Presumably the attachment was some kind of executable file?

MPSIMS, anyone?

No, actually it wasn’t. It had a reference number which ended in .com. Also it came from a yahoo.com e-mail address. Some kid getting his jollies, I guess.


Yeah, you’re right, cm. Had a brain fart early this morning. Please move it for me, kind-hearted mods?



Heh. “Indicated”.

Ummm, do you mean a filename ending with .com (or a hyperlink to such a file)?

If it’s a file ending in .com do not run it. Old dos programs use com for an extention. It sound like you just got an email virus with a ruse to get you to run a program. Do you have upto date Antivirus software? if so scan the file and see what it says. If not get some and scan the file.

Filename, Mangetout. My antivirus is up to date, netscape 6, I just didn’t bother to even open it up.


It is certainly a virus attack - probably Sober C or a variant thereof.

I see; .com files are executable (they are programs, in this case malicious) - if you didn’t download or open the attachment and if you’re looking at your email in a web browser page (or in a mail client that does not attempt to ‘preview’ any attachments), your machine won’t have been infected.

You got it, Mangetout:

Scan result: Virus “W32.Sober.C@mm” found.
You can not download this attachment.


BTW, Thanks y’all!


Off to MPSIMS.

DrMatrix - GQ Moderator

“Indicated” makes sense… Kinda like “finger pointing”, I guess, if you’re the pointee. Who is the evil-doer? point Quasi! See? I’m indicating you as the main suspect of evil.

point, point

Makes total sense.


Hey - don’t point that! It has a nail in it!!!

This line takes the cake.

I wonder how many “departments” the FBI would have to have to follow the spam artist’s way of thinking …

For some reason, Monty Python’s Ministry of Silly Walks fits in here somehow.


Even better

Jesus, sailor! That’s just plain scary!


Indicated? How?

I imagine, myself, law enforcement officials pointing a gigantic, Batman-style spotlight at your habitation, using some symbol that indicates that you share files.