Oh look...the Darwin Awards are being held in my back yard

Apparently, my neighbors are having some some of a party. I just went to see what all the “WOO HOO!!!” 's were about out there. Been going on for hours.

Out in the green space behind the houses, they have the following set up:

About thirty feet of blue tarp

Something underneath said tarp at about half way point that makes a hill, or kind of a speed bump if you will

A running hose, to wet the whole thing down

There are quite a few drunk folks taking running leaps at it, and launching themselves face first into the mud (formerly, the grass). Any bets on what time the ambulance will show up? :wink:

I just looked outside again, and one of the guys was completely naked…just lost his swim trunks during the slide. That’s gotta be a nice case of “tarp burn” :smiley:

Sounds like fun on a hot day/evening to me. Any idea why you weren’t invited?

And why you haven’t setup a streaming webcam?

I agree it is unsociable of them not to invite Cherry200

never, mind - plan revenge by taking photos which you can then sell to the trashier bits of your local press. THEN, you see, you have money to buy your veyr own tarp. :slight_smile: :smiley:

Oops - the above bit of “Hippop9otamus SOng” is by Flanders and Swann.http://www.members.optusnet.com.au/pennywyatt/Interests/FlandersSwann/DropOfaHat/At%20the%20Drop%20of%20a%20Hat14.html

hee hee…yeah, looks like they are having a good time. But I just know someone is gonna wipe out big time here reeaaaaallly soon. It’s always funny until someone gets hurt…then it’s hysterical :smiley:

Actually, I’m sure us being at least twice the age of the folk next door might have something to do with S.O. and I not getting an invite.

We’re older and could

  1. Definitely out drink everybody there

  2. Definitely teach them a thing or 10 about how to throw a raucous event involving bodily injury, nudity, and other things. I grew up in the Toga Party era heydey, and was a theatrical performer and dancer to boot. I could tell ya party stories, but that’s a whole 'nother thread :wink:

Fun party stories? OH YES!

So, Cherry2000, you were a Lil Sis for Pi Kappa Alpha too?

Another vote for fun party stories!!!