Oh-My-God (embarassing news story)

Just when I thought MY life was weird. Check THIS out:

a snip from it:

Talk about embarassing- it made the news around the world! Ack!


I have a friend in Jacksonville, Fl. that works for the fire dept. He had the same call from a woman who thought she heard the wiring in her wall burning. Yup, twas the battery powered boyfriend in her dresser they found! That has to be lifes most emberassing moment!

later, Tom

At work we have a pager that is rotated amongst us every week. A co-worker had it for the second or third time and was at home on a Saturday morning, she with her partner and 2 young kids in a rental house. At 10AM, they hear an alarm. They look around for the source of the alarm and can’t find it. Fearing for the worst, they assume it must be a smoke alarm and call the fire dept. They arrive and inspect the house to find no fire, or the source of the alarm. One of the firefighters looks at her and says “It’s you.”

She had been wearing the pager on her belt the whole morning and couldn’t figure out why the alarm seemed to be everywhere in the house.:rolleyes:

I was a Pre-board Screening Officer at an Airport. I was on the X-ray machine when something that looked like a butane curling iron came across my screen. Butane can explode, so that item isn’t aloud on board.

I asked to search her bag…the look of horror on her face made want to search it more than ever.

The bag came out on the conveyor belt, but before I could get it, it slid to the metal ramp, that served to collect the bags.

The bag toppled over, out spilled the “device” and turned itself on as it hit the ramp.

It bounced and bobbled and rattled like nobody’s business.

We both froze as it rat-a-tat-tatted against the metal ramp. She picked it up, I said I didn’t have to search her bag, then I started to giggle like a 12 year old school girl.

Phew, I thought this was going to be another bathroom story. I don’t know if I could handle that this morning…


When my husband was out of the country on a business trip, my daughter was lying on my bed watching TV while I was on-line across the room. She commented that the bed was vibrating, and I suggested that maybe the ceiling fan in the room below was out of balance. Then we traded places so she could chat with her friends and I noticed the bed was, in fact, vibrating. I had slipped my toy under the pillow the night before, and I’m guessing when she was getting comfy for TV viewing, she managed to turn it on. I am SO glad she didn’t find it - there are some things you don’t want to explain to your kids…

Woman’s sex toy sparks police alert

There but for the grace of God…


I was over at a friend’s house, when we heard this unholy clattering racket come through her bedroom wall. She had let her young son take a nap in her bed, and she had forgotten about the deluxe toy she had left under her pillow. Kyle had woken up bored, turned on the “zapper” and started “zapping” everything in the room. The wooden paneling on the wall made an impressive roaring noise when it got “zapped”. The “zapper” was hidden with great care after that.:o

Nicky once found mine and turned it on. He thought it was a pretty cool thing… needless to say it’s hidden a little better than “the nightstand drawer” now.

Bwwwaaa Haaaa, Haaaa. That is soooo funny.
What’s even funnier is that only 8 people have posted in here, but 299 have viewed it.
Must have touched a nerve. (no pun intended)

this happened to my teen aged son and should be entitled “What NO teen wants to know”

He was at his dad’s house. Dad asked him to get something from his bedside table drawer. and beside that item was a non mechanical device, such has been alluded to here. And asked ** me ** to explain why his heterosexual father would have such an item.

Some things are ** not ** covered in Parenting 101.