OH MY GOD???????? What are those bumps on the back of my tongue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok seriously I am like freaking 25 years old and I have never carefully examined the very back of my tongue till just tonight!!! It is covered with like a couple dozen hugeish looking big ass tongue wart looking things or something. What the heck are they??? I checked with my bro and he has them to so they can’t be VD or shit plus they don’t itch, but seriously what are they???

  1. To see them on you if you got 'em stick your tongue way
    way the heck out there in front of a mirror and look at the very back top of your tongue with a flashlight if necessary and they are there.

  2. Let me know if you know what they are!!! I’m
    thinking taste buds???

  3. If this is the first time you have ever known you had
    them sign this thread and tell me what you think about
    those suckers.

Before we start this, let me just tell you that you are using far too much punctuation!!! There…

Now then. Turning to my handy anatomy reference, which being a linguistics major I have no idea why I have, I believe that what you are probably dealing with is the circumvallate papillae, large round clusters of taste buds which help to detect bitter tastes.

But don’t take my word for it. (Although the next time you ask me a question about creolization or Chomsky’s nativist hypothesis, I will expect you to take my word on it.)

It’s the earliest symptom of contagious vampirism.







Excessive punctuation is a sign that it has already reached the brain.

tongue warts? Probably just that. HPV, human papilloma virus, which causes warts, search for ‘HPV’ at webmd.com

Can’t tell just from listening to you…they say throw some vinegar on them & if you can see them better, hpv.

If it’s something other than taste buds, it could be an irritational fibroma, an accumulation of scar tissue typically started by a good “CHOMP” into the tongue.

I had one about the size of a pea removed about a year and a half ago. I also have a couple of other much smaller ones.

Quisling said:

Did you actually consider they might be composed of shit? You have an unusual diet***!***

Seriously though, I have these, too. If I stick my finger back there, I can feel them. I have known I had these for awhile but don’t care.

My WAGs:
[li]They are enlargened papillae. I doubt they are used for tasting, because by the time foodstuffs reach them, they are being swallowed.[/li][li]They are vestigal.[/li][li]They serve to further break down foodstuffs as they are being swallowed.[/li][li]Some or all of the above.[/li][li]When I was little, I bit almost through my tongue (I still have the scar; it is about an inch in front of these lumps.), so perhaps they are what Mjollnir suggested.[/li][/ul]

By the way, I am a virgin to everything, so they can’t be sexually transmitted.

Maybe we should relay this one to Mr. Adams.

Ten years ago, my dentist asked me “How long have you had these bumps on your tongue?” and I said “What bumps?” Next, I found myself in an oral surgeons office, having chunks of my tongue sliced away. Next, I heard the oral surgeon say: “Its malignant.” Then the real trouble started: Serious oral surgery, multi stitches in tongue and floor of mouth, agony, liquid diet, serious weight loss, etc., ect.
Last month, during my now routine tongue examination, I saw some spots and my heart sank and my stomach churned and I had another biopsy and I heard “Its malignant.” Then I had more surgery and a cat scan of the throat and x-rays of the lungs. And the moral of all this is: It might just be your life you are dicking around with. Your bumps may turn out to be nothing. They may be damned serious.

Please, see a dentist.

OK you people out there are simply not getting the picture especially HANDY** but from other posts I already know that he is a dumbass.

Anyways, I have since last night checked out the tongues of a good couple dozen of my friends none related to me or each other and everyone seems to hase them. They look sorta like the tastebuds on the rest of your tongue but bigger looking and way way the heck back there. A couple’a friends I couldn’t see them cept with a flash light looking way back there. They are not contagious since they are supposed to be there or cancerous since again they are supposed to be there. But I agree that I don’t see how they could be taste buds but maybe the bitter thing holds out I don’t know but I am pulling out the anatomy text book tonight and phoning a couple X-profs on the matter. Anyways, all you non believer s out there check out your tongue and you will see them!!!

They are way way way back at almost where your tongue connects on the top so take a look and use a friend if you need to.

Also, seriously guys a 128 freaking people have read this and all of you knew you had these and it is no big deal???

I can’t believe I can be the only naive one on the block about my body here. Everyone who reads this if you didn’t know you had them till now leave a reply and let me and the rest of the world know that I am not alone :slight_smile:


Quisling. Calm down.
I think you got an answer first time around. Tell me, do they look anything like this?

If so, yes, they are there for tasting.

Kyber, way to go dude that is exactly it. Mine don’t look quite that big but those are the buggers I was thinking about. wtg on a job well done.

Quisling: You are not to insult members of this forum. This is an instruction, not a request. You will comply.

I’ve known I have these for a long time. And I note that my correct answer was the second message posted to this forum. (smug)

Matt, I remember seeing lots of medical pictures of similar bumps, it could be a lot of things.

I noticed those a while back, when I was really young (like 11). They were these pretty big bumps and I was all scared, like wtf is wrong with me?! I remembered that not too long ago (like last month) and checked to see if they were still there… they were, but much smaller. I have this theory or whatever, I used to drink A LOT of pop back in those days. I don’t drink much of it anymore, so I’m thinking those are always there, but they grow or something when there is a lot of acid intake. I don’t know, I haven’t read about it or asked a doctor or anything. That’s just what I think. I’m 16 now, by the way so that was like 5 years ago.

That’s OK, Quisling’s bumps were like 14 years ago, so your 5 year old data is cutting edge.

What happens when a zombie gets them?

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