Oh My God

This is gory, folks.

Eh, I guess I should probably add that it’s not just gore for gore’s sake, there’s a political statement at the end…

It’s an interesting short film though, if you can stomach it.

Am I going to hell for laughing my arse off?


Not bad, liked the ending. :slight_smile:

Pretty funny, I’ve seen more blood in one bttle scene of Ran, though.

Well, that’s a few minutes of my life I’m not getting back.

A description, perhaps (spoilered if you wish), for those of us who don’t necessarily want to watch?

I wonder if John Bryant had anything to do with making this film.


If only there were some way to tell…

For those of us with insanely low connection speeds, what was the statement at the end?

OK, I guess I’ll spoiler box it…

This guy comes home from work, find his wife and son murdered, bungles about getting blood all over himself and everything, continuously shouting “Oh My God!!!”, accidently stabs himself in the leg, and accidently shoots his dead son again. He gets the electric chair. The message is that six innocent people are executed every year, three of whom are in texas, one of whom has an IQ under 70.
“Stop executing retarded Texans”.

Well, that was the stupidest thing I’ve seen on Atom Films in a long time.

Right, so the message was,

“Don’t live in Texas.”

Or maybe,

“Don’t let your dog poop in the neighbor’s yard”.,

Or more likely,

“If I come home to my SO dead, don’t wallow in his blood.”

Seriously, what was the point of all that gore to express a point? Ugh. Anyway, I watched it. i am educated.

A few WTF’s and my opinion:

[spoiler] WTF is that stupid idiot doing stuffing paper towels in his wife’s mouth and sticking his fingers into what can only be aptly described as her sucking chest wound? Admittedly it’d be hard to gauge how I’d react in a similar situation, but oh my god <snerk> I hope it’d be a little more rationally than that.

And call me crazy, but I never would have made it as far as the house – faced with the implication that the neighbor had injured my dog, my first reaction would be to run over there and beat the ever-loving Fuck out of him, or haul the dog off to the vet. And the spurting/squelching about made me vomit. Overall, a pretty weak case against capital punishment.[/spoiler]

Oh neevermind! I missed the point. I shut down the window when I thought I had got the entirety of the message.



Best case against capital punishment I’ve ever heard, personally…



I have not watched this film, but I have little doubt that the “message” has something to do with Bush sucking.

I kept hearing Ralph Wiggum in my head saying: he’s gonna smell like hot dogs…

Ah, the 56k version was way too small and dark-probably no bigger than a square inch.