I pit Texas Rep Louis Gohmert for his stupid comments regarding the Aurora shooting.

The first remark, about “ongoing attacks on Judeo-Christian beliefs” is too fucking stupid to even deserve a response.

The question about why nobody else in the theater had a gun is also idiotic. Gohmert doesn’t know whether or not anybody else in the theater was carrying a gun. He just assumes that if they were they would have shot the attacker.

Think about it. You’re in a dark chaotic smoke-filled theater full of panicking people. The shooter is armored and carrying more firepower than you. Do you shoot, hoping that you’ll manage to hit an unarmored spot; one that will take him out before he returns fire in your direction? Do you shoot, risking hitting someone else?

Now suppose one or two other people are also carrying and also decide to be heroes? You see other people shooting. Maybe they’re accomplices. Maybe they think you’re an accomplice. Do you shoot at them? Do they shoot at you? Maybe in a smoke filled theater all you see are muzzle flashes - do you just fire in their general direction?

Will a wild west shootout in a dark theater full of panicked people really help the situation?

How the hell do assclowns like this manage to get elected?


Because, as George Carlin pointed out, “You know how dumb the average person is? Well, half the people are even dumber than that!”

This is the answer right here.

Before anyone says it; yes I know I spelled his name wrong in the title. It was a typo. He’s lucky I didn’t spell it “Asshole”.

Wait, Jesus is Batman? What?

Truthfully, there are plenty of idiotic assholes like this tool all across the nation. We’re just doing our part to contribute to depressing the national average for IQ here.

Opportunistic fuckstain trying to score points for the base. This will no doubt get him on the short list for Romney’s VP. Since Bachmann is in the GOP doghouse at the moment, maybe he saw an opportunity?

Well, his name does rhyme with Gomer.

Tea Party.

Now, Universe, I know I haven’t been a very good pantheist. But if You could just give me this one sign…

Not to mention that the shooter had a bulletproof vest.

I guess we should all go to the movies armed to the teeth while wearing bulletproof vests.

Yea, that’s the country I want to live in.

It’s one thing to see the would-be Dirty Harries in comments sections on various news stories going on about how if they’d been there, they’d have risen coolly to their feet and taken the guy out with a single well-aimed shot. I can understand wanting to think of oneself as unusually resourceful and heroic. But this almost feels like victim-blaming, as if to say it’s not bad enough that the victims had to go through this, but they could’ve helped save others if they’d thought to bring guns to a midnight movie.

“Hey, stop talking during the movie!”

“Whatcha gonna do about it, motherfucker?”

Bang! Bang bang! Bang bang bang bang bang! Bangbangbangbangbang (x60)

Don’t forget gas masks; he dropped a couple tear gas canisters too.

:rolleyes: Probably because, as a general rule, only a psycho like Holmes would think of going to the movies armed in the first place.

I’m glad someone is speaking up for the Judeo-Christian values our country was founded on and that the Constitution enshrines for all eternity, that this maniac and all those gunless victims are eroding. We haven’t been getting enough support for Judeo-Christian values in this country lately.

I pit everyone who is unable or unwilling to think for themselves, and trots out the standard card from the rolodex and has nothing more salient to say about it than “We’re going to stand by our neighbors in Colorado during this extraordinarily difficult time. Such violence, such evil is senseless; it’s beyond reason.”

Why is it obligatory for people in public office to all line up in front of the cameras and repeat exactly the same mantra, decade after decade after decade, irrespective of the event being referenced?

Well, perhaps “So the bastard wants to kill everybody he sees, I feel the same way some mornings” would be a more honest response, but one can’t really expect, you know . . .

This sort of attitude really struck me in the aftermath of the Long Island Railroad shootings. Since Ferguson was stopped by three fellow passengers rather than an authority figure, the contention was that were it not for gun control, at the first sign of trouble every armed passenger would have drawn, aimed, and taken the assailant down.

In reality, I think the result would have been closer to a demonstration I saw (mumblemumble) years ago on nuclear fission:
[li]Fill a room with mousetraps (this kind).[/li][li]Set each mousetrap and place two ping-pong balls on the loop.[/li][li]Toss a single ping-pong ball into the room.[/li][/ul]
Result: a room full of ping-pong balls flying at random. Except that in this case, each ping-pong ball represents a potentially lethal projectile. Add in darkness and tear gas, and you have a death toll beyond the perpetrator’s wildest dreams.

(This assumes that every Dirty Harry / John Wayne wannabe actually, y’know, fires his* weapon. I can’t project a figure, but I have more than a sneaking suspicion that most of them would end up cowering in the seats like the rest of us pansies. Even in the military, not everyone in a firefight will actually participate; I imagine that the percentage of nonparticipants would be higher among civilians.)

*Sorry to be sexist, but the DH/JW syndrome is almost exclusively a male attribute.

Also keep in mind that if a bunch of people start pulling out guns no one will know which ones are heroes and which are accomplices.