Oh my goodness - FBI response to Nigerian scams

Check this thing out I just got in my inbox:

As if the FBI would contact me via e-mail. And not even have my name on it! And the grammar and the spelling positively hurt.


What are you talking about?? THat looks totally legit…

I never get tired of these. I’ve even tried to rope a few scammers into e-mailing me, but they never respond. I’m trying to cultivate a voice between not-too-smart and not-so-obviously-stupid-it’s-fake and haven’t any bites yet. :frowning:

I particularly love that the FBI is acting in conjunction with “some other relevant Investigation Agencies” (ha ha ha) and that they’ve arranged for you to meet them at their “head-quarter.” Oh, and why does the Central Bank of Nigeria have a gmail account?

Just a bit of trivia…the “Lamido” in the bank contact’s name is the word for local traditional leaders, so you might be dealing with a chief. That said, it could just be a nickname.

Always good to know the feds are watching out for you, isn’t it? :smiley:

It’s the horrible, stilted grammar and dropped plurals (“Our headquarter,” “your fund,” I guess spellchecks don’t correct those) that most mystifies me as to how anyone falls for these things. Are they reading impaired or something? You can hear the Nigerian accents.

Either someone spent a lot of time composing that letter, or there is a program that randomly puts Nigerian script blocks together, complete with fun grammar.

Gmail is short for “Government Mail” right?

I can’t understand how the people who start these things can take the time to come up with the scheme but can’t spend five more minutes finding a native-English speaker to correct for grammar and typos. Maybe I can start emailing them offering my services as a proofreader.

Do it! They’ll pay you via Western Union once you give them your checking account info.

Rather like you, I’d prefer to think I can play this to my advantage. How would I declare that income to the IRS though?

I’m not too surprised. I used to work with a native English speaker who spoke and wrote in that same way. We subcontract for a Fortune 50 company, and her legally-binding Settlement & Release letters were always approved by our client-supervisors.

They said they confirmed that your contract payment is 100% genuine and hitch free from all facet, so it must be legit. Go for it.

P.S. I love the scammers poaching from other scammers section:

And should in case you are already dealing with anybody or office claiming to be from the Central Bank of Nigeria, you are further advised to STOP further contact with them in your best interest and then contact immediately the real office of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) only with the below information accordingly

I just adored the letter and actually read it top to bottom. I kind of want to write them and say “Thanks for the entertainment, on an otherwise dreary Monday!”

The latter can be found here.

Personally, I’d wait for the TSA to confirm that it’s legit. :stuck_out_tongue:

What gets me is the rambling repetitive prolixity of it all, as though by writing more words/adjectives they can make up for the awful syntax and unintelligible logic/premise.

I have a pet 419er who over a period of some months has been diligently persisting in follow-up e-mails after I pretended to bite. I don’t think he sees through anything, even after I purported to get his (fake) name “Dr. Mingu” wrong and call him “Dr. Mugu” in several e-mails (“Mugu” I think means fool in Nigeria).

This one doesn’t purport to be from a “Dr.” or “Reverend,” for which it loses points (the rampant inflation in doctoral and divinity degrees in W. Africa is a scandal crying out for justice), but it gets a check mark for not necessarily understanding the difference between first and last names in English (I routinely get things from Mr. Wallace John). Oh, and it would be better if the e-mail address contained a honorific title, 'cause everyone in high government positions refers to themselves as “Mr.”

Is a “TelePhone” different from a telephone?

Only in a very good present state of mind.

I love how:

The entire Internets!

“note that we have not informed the local FBI department in your state regarding this matter because we want to keep everything secret”

sounds legit to me