Oh my OG is this OS update incredible!

I have acquired a LEGAL copy of the latest and greatest OS update for the Mac, 2 days early (it helps to have connections in the industry, besides, i need to learn the differences in the OS to support our customers), it’s due out on April 29, at 6 PM

let me tell you this right away, this update is Frelling AWESOME!, it’s FASTER (i’d estimate about a 15% speed increase on my old first-gen AlBook G4 1 GHz), more efficient, more stable, and has gobs of eye candy and cool OS enhancements (Widgets, RSS feed screensaver, Spotlight searching, smart folders, the list goes on), i’m still playing with it and it finds more and more ways to impress me

my fellow MacDopers, this is worth the upgrade, i get my copy early as a benefit of work (side benefit of working in the industry), and i still plan to purchase the Family Pack on April 29, as i have 3 machines to install it on, and i do things legaly when it comes to software

the other retail OS upgrades (10.1 Puma, 10.2 Jaguar, and 10.3 Panther) i have grudgingly purchased because i had to, but this is the first time i’ve felt the feelings of GIMMIEGIMMIEGIMMIEIWANTITNOW! over an OS release, i want my Family Pack NOW! dammit, dont wanna wait for 2 more days, gimmie gimmie gimmie!..

Disk Utility is twice as fast when it comes to partitioning and formatting disks, Safari is faster, Spotlight is lightning fast, results of searching appear as fast as you type and change for each letter entered, the whole OS has this entirely cool and polished feel to it

just as an example of the cool eye-candy effects, when you pull up the Dashboard and add a Widget the icon “plops” into place and bounces up and down on your desktop, producing a ripple wave effect around the edges of the Widget, it looks like your desktop has a layer of water on it, when you click the close button next to the widget, the widget is sucked into the close button with the Genie effecti’ve spent at least 5 minutes just adding and removing Widgets, it’s mindless fun

on a scale of 1-10, i give this upgrade an 11…

okay, now back to the mindless fun of opening and closing Widgets…

hee hee…look at the ripples, cool…

Must… Buy… Mac… Mini…

:: Sunspace suddenly realises that he’s wearing an Apple T-shirt ::

Hover the cursor over a word and press Command + Control + D to get a dictionary definition for it.

I preordered yesterday. I haven’t updated at all - my PowerBook came with Jaguar, and I’ve been perfectly happy with it but everybody said Tiger was going to be so great, so I sucked it up and put in my order. Glad to know it sounds like a good idea.

[Peter Griffin]
My Og this OS is Freakin’ Sweet :wink:

no viruses (so far…)
no spyware
no adware
a great spam filter in Mail
and eye candy
this OS is Freakin’ Sweet
[/Peter Griffin]

so far, my fave Dashboard widgets are…
Stock Ticker
Flight Tracker
Translation utility (only problem is it’s missing Klingon, where’s my English/Klingon translation dammit :wink: )

heh, when you pull up the Dashboard and click on the + sign in the lower left corner of the screen to open the Widget Tray, the + rotates to become an x

it’s these subtle little details that are so cool, well, that and the speed and power too

THAT is something I’ll use!

The RSS feed kinda bums me out though. It’s not that I don’t already have network bandwidth issues.

I’ve got the OS upgrade on pre-order, and my mini is supposedly “sent to manufacturing,” so I’m still in anticipation mode. I’ve already got my first project planned, an idea from a different message board that I plan to steal: a Kanji-a-day widget for the dashboard.

Actually, the new Mail client and the new Safari are what I’m looking forward to the most, since I mainly use the Mac for web-browsing and e-mail. Does the new Safari have an easier way to turn off link underlining? If so, I can stop relying on Firefox.

Soon as ol’ Ryan certifies a version of XPostFacto that will shoehorn it onto my WallStreet, I’m trying it out. (The WS has a G4/500 Sonnet card in it and half a gig of RAM and runs really nicely on Panther, which also required XPF to install).

Tell me about file sharing!! I keep asking and no one who has Tiger will tell me whether or not Apple fixed the #@@! file sharing!!! Can you now share a folder other than /Users/Foo to a non-admin user named “Foo”? Can you give “Foo” read/write FTP access to (for example) /Users/SomeoneElse/Music/iTunes if you yourself are an administrator? Without, that is, giving “Foo” read/write access to the entire computer? Can you now set up a share for an FTP user named “Foo” with password “fubar” without creating a full Account for “Foo” complete with /Users/Foo folder and its default subfolders and so forth?

Gonna print out this thread & staple it to our IT guy’s forehead. He said yesterday that he plans to “wait a little while” after the initial launch to upgrade our machines, because he fears another Panther-type fubar’d bug-fest.

'Tech, you willing to keep those of us still awaiting the conversion informed on any glitches you stumble over?

And, hey, they just dropped the prices on the Cinema displays, so you could get one of them to go with it! (or just spend the same amount of money on a G5 iMac…)

sob I so want one of those displays… but at 3800 dollars Canadian for the 30-inch display (plus another 700 for the video card) it won’t be soon.

Still, the Mac mini is only $749. It’s on my list, after the iPod, and that’s after the external hard drive.

if Ryan can get XPF to find a workaround around the latest hardware requirement for Tiger (machine must have at least one NATIVE FireWire port) there’s no logical reason why it shouldn’t work, you won’t get the ripple effect in Dashboard though (Core Video rendering effects), unless you have a vidcard with a programmable GPU, my AlBook with it’s Radeon Mobility 9800 does support Core Video, however my Mirror Door G4 with it’s GF4 Ti doesn’t, if i slapped in a newer nVidia or ATI Radeon (9800 Radeon, or 6800XT nVidia) it would

well, i was able to browse my work machine from my AlBook and it treated the work machine’s drive like it was mounted internally, i had full admin access to all the files, let me set up a User level account and see what i can access…

as a guest, you can only access the drop box

if you know the username and password of the machine you’re connecting to, you can browse the entire contents of the hard drive from within your user-level account

i just logged onto my work machine’s admin account from my AlBook which is running a user-level account, and logged into my work machine’s iTunes music folder and am currently playing Barnes and Barnes’s song “Fish Heads” on the AlBook

in the local User account on the AlBook, Security, Startup Disk, Energy Saver, Print and Fax, Network, Sharing, Accounts, and Date and Time are all locked down and need an Admin name and password to access them

And how is it at talking to printers on Windows boxes? Getting our new PowerBook running Panther to speak to a USB printer on my XP box was so convoluted I was just about to chuck the whole idea and buy a small printer just for the PowerBook or buy a Mac to host the printer and chuck the XP box.

Of course Apple would like that.

But seriously, it’s more difficult than it ought to be. Why can’t it be just "Print to the HP Deskjet on such-and-such computer on the network? Why does it have to pass a username and password to the XP box when the XP box will cheerfully ignore the ID and password?

i’ll let another cross-platform doper answer this one as i don’t do windows…

i’d assume it’d be as simple as selecting windows sharing and printer sharing, however since i dont have (or want) a windows box, i have no idea

any bi-platform dopers know? :wink:

another cool feature i found, as long as you have at least one app open, you can quit the Finder to free up memory, you can launch any item in the Dock without launching the finder, and you can navigate directories from inside an “open file” dialog box, the finder is finally being treated as just another application

Ayuh, will do, think of this as a little “inside information” thread :wink:

who knows, this version of OS X may finally be the thing to push some fence-sitting windows users to add a Mac to their computer arsenal, you don’t have to ditch your PC (but i wouldn’t mind if you did :wink: ), especially with the Mini so dirt cheap…
nudge, nudge :wink:

however, as a Mac power user myself, i will say i’m dissapointed by the Mini’s lack of performance in it’s stock config, yes, yes, i know, it’s an entry level consumer box that’s hamstringed by a severe ram shortage and a slow 4200 RPM laptop/PowerBook hard drive, and it’s not meant to be a high end gaming rig or Potatoshop powerhouse, it’s a nice, entry level piece, gotta lower my expectations…

yoinking the stock 256 and dropping in a 512MB or 1 GB DIMM into it’s only ram socket should help, if you don’t mind voiding the warranty and the increased heat buildup of a 5400 or 7200 RPM drive, that should reduce the hard drive bus bottleneck…

Mine’s shipped! I can’t wait! I’m upgrading from Jaguar. I want it NOW!

Absolutely fucking flabbergasted that you would post a thread about this before GM, violating your NDA. If I were to do so I’d be fired instantly.

I’m impressed that you know what his NDA says. Or that he even signed one, given that it’s not mentioned by the OP.

I know exactly what it it says, as I signed the same one. Apple doesn’t throw out a bunch of different ones, nor would they allow anyone to not sign one before giving them a GM. He must be waaaay more confident in his level of anonimity than I.

He only got it two days early. I’ve heard that several people have received them early, and it wouldn’t surprise me that someone who knew an “insider” could have gotten one of the earliest copies.

But more relevantly, GM happened a while ago. He’s just gotten a Tiger before it’s been DELIVERED to most people, not before it was finalized. He said it was legal (i.e. he paid for it) – I can’t imagine that Apple cares.

Besides, I signed the same NDA, and I’m pretty sure that the last Tiger seed wasn’t GM – so I don’t think he COULD have violated an NDA to get the shipping version.

…after checking my fedex tracking number…

I will also have a legitimate (purchased, as opposed to seed) copy before the official release time, and review copies have been out for at least a few days, no NDA violation required.

Note that I’m not saying he didn’t violate an NDA, just that there’s way to little information here to assume he did.