Oh, no! A Mormon...and then...Gasp!...a Catholic!

It 's completely ridiculous what passes for educated in some places.

I’m wondering why some people can’t accept the simple fact that people of other faiths are worth listening to. Evidently, Regent college’s decision to invite Romney is not a crowd pleaser. That article also mentions that Guliani’s going to be speaking there next month. Wow, a Mormon and a Catholic! The horror, the horror!

You know, I hope those clowns running that school–and, of course, its sponsoring denomination–are quaking in fear every waking second of every day because they’re not ruling the country in a narrow-minded theocratic way. I mean it’s understandable that they want to educate their folks in their own faith, but it’s completely ridiculous to get bent out of shape because a guest speaker has–GASP!–a different faith than the school’s sponsor.

The thing is, they are trying to run the country in their own theocratic way, and politically Mormons and Catholics are more likely to vote on their side of the things that “matter” - no abortions, no gay marriage, etc. (I grew up Catholic but not Mormon, so forgive me if I’m misunderstanding doctrine - I’m taking the impressions I have of both religions.)

The ideal of evangelical Christianity is one thing. Learning politics is another. The students have been brought up with the ideals, but the founder is a politician. It’s a variation of the phenomenon that happens with every semi-controversial college speaker - for instance, every conservative speaking at a liberal college.

So what I’m trying to say is that it makes sense to Robertson to bring Romney to the college, since they share ideals, but to the young idealistic Christians it is anethema because they’ve been taught Mormonism is not the True Faith.

(Hell, I still don’t know if I’m saying it right.)

Well, that’s the young ones. What about the female minister who got her Master’s there?

Wait a moment! Female minister? Maybe she’s not as fundamentalist as most?

No really. Infighting between the various “religions” is a good thing, right? I mean, all these people who think they have a straight pipeline to God, fighting amongst themselves, it just proves the very PROOF of my own personal faith…

Psalm 118:8
It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man.

I have nothing on her except this .

My dad’s side of the family is pretty fundamentalist (Mom’s the Catholic - yeah, that was fun) and they have varying opinions of women as pastors. Grandma hates it, but I don’t think it’s out of the pale. My family is Church of God - Anderson IN. I have no idea what Pat Robertson says about female pastors.

If she’s connected with the college or with Robertson she may be trying to play one side or other of the fence.

Sorry for the double post.

What would have been really risky is if Robertson had invited a Buddhist, and then they talked about the value of listening to people of different faiths.

This is a complete political tactic of Pat Robertson, who is using the Mormons for his own ends.

Oh, and um…Pit. Fuckers.

Wow, religious conservatives demonstrate intolerance. Who knew?

I’m confused. The “clowns running the school” are the ones who invited an “outsider” to be the graduation speaker. I could see wishing ill toward the alumni and others who are up in arms over the choice, but it seems counterproductive to wish ill on the folks who seem to have done the right thing.

You’re right. I shouldn’t have included the clowns runnign the school. I should’ve limited it to the idiots freaking out.

Next time I go brush shopping, I’ll get a narrower one. I promise.