Some Proof that a BJU "Education" isn't Worth Much

As if anyone actually needs any more proof. Feel free to peruse this article and wrap your mind around this gem, uttered by South Carolina State Representative Gloria Haskins:

So, it’s not an issue of what the man’s position is on the issues, but just if you approve of his faith? Got it. Thanks. Glad to know that. Insert your own platitude. Then beat your head against the wall when you realize Haskins is actually part of government!

If that doesn’t make you wonder how someone with no brain manages to function in society, this will help you out a tad: Charleston County GOP Chairwoman Cyndi Mosteller said (quoted in the same article):

If they’re all that concerned about Paul’s doctrine, why aren’t they keeping their traps shut?

So is this a “I don’t like what their religion thinks about my religion” thread? Just askin’.

As long as they have consensus about the queer kicking and fetus worshipping, they’ll work out the rest of their petty squabbles about shit like the Bill of Rights.

Nope. It’s a “I don’t like their braindead idea that a man’s religion disqualifies hiim from government” thread.

First saw the title, thought “A doctorate degree in Advanced Fellatio”? Hanging out with you guys is totally corrupting!

So you are of the opinion that people have no right to evaluate candidates based on their religious leanings? Very good, then let Leiberman run. I’m sure that the only people voting against him will be BJU graduates.

I cannot tell a lie. I thought the same thing.

I’m half ashamed. The other half is still giggling like Beavis.

I confess, seeing Romney be rejected by the troglodytes he’s been so desperately courting is sweet. That pandering suit ran for governor of Massachusetts with lots of rhetoric about a woman’s right to choose should be protected and discrimination against gays is bad. Now he’s blathering about how everything he did as governor was “in favor of life” and death to abortion and death to gay marriage.

Saw a clip of the smarmy bastard recently where he says with a smirk, “How could a conservative like me get elected in such a liberal state?”

pant pant pant

Ah, that feels better.

I think we may see some of the chickens coming home to roost whenever the GOP primary season comes around. Years of pandering to fundies is now resulting a situation where the Republican Presidential field is going to be paralyzed by cockblocking evangelicals unwilling to accept any candidate who doesn’t fit a very narrow religious/social profile. They’re going to shut out the Giulianis and Romneys in favor of nutcases like Brownbeck and the party has only itself to blame. Did anyone see that crazy, obese screaming Fundy lady on Wife Swap? That’s who the party sold out to, and now they’re going to pay the price. People like that cannot be appeased or reasoned with. They have no pragmatism in them, no cynicism, no tolerance for realpolitik. Trying to use them politically is like trying to train a wolverine. You might be able to get them to attack somebody else, but you are never going to be their master, and God help you if you promised them meat you don’t intend to deliver.

Oooooh, that BJU. I’m glad that an education at the other BJU is still worth plenty!

Still, it’s illegal to put it to use to make a living. Strictly an avocational study…

I don’t agree. No one is delivering to them and they still vote… er… religiously.

It’s funny how a certain poster here likes to keep referring to right-wing nuts having aneurysms. I’ve never seen so many brains exploding as I have over Bush.

Who’s stopping Leiberman from running?

Wow. How did this post end up in this thread, instead of in Aechines current screed. My bad.

That will stop if they’re asked to support a Mormon or a social liberal.

Well? Are you going to re-post it over there? It would surely have me doing less head-scratching in that other thread.

Dio, down in front, please. :wink:

There’s always Mike Huckabee. But I don’t know if you’re right. The Religious Right, at least the leaders of the Religious Right, tends to be a lot more pragmatic than they pretend to be.

Acrid reflex syndrome.

I think Lieberman pretty much did it himself when he ran for the Senate as an independent.

But since athelas’ memory doesn’t seem to go back too far… Lieberman did run, and ended up as the Dem VP candidate, in 2000.