Oh no! Daft Punk disband

Pitchfork article here:

That’s a real shocker for me and I’m quite sad about the news. They always have been slow workers with long gaps between albums, so the headline story about Daft Punk I expected and hoped for was the announcement of a new album, but not this. So I just have to say thanks for almost 30 years of fantastic music!

They were always Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger!

Here’s how I was introduced to them:

Homework was groundbreaking and wonderful. Everything after that was meh+ to ok, I guess.

Funny, for the longest time I thought that this was the official video for the song.

Ugh, that’s terrible. I guess after the Grammy they decided they’d done it all. I’ll miss them.

Glacially slow releases but I thought there would be one more. Random Access Memories was released in 2013, and pretty much nothing after that. There must be something in the can that will be released eventually.

I had given up on pop way back in the 80’s. One day at work I was working with a much younger co-worker and I saw “Daft Punk” playing on his phone. I said “What’s that???” and he said “Oh man, don’t get me started”. He introduced me to Daft Punk and Royksopp. I caught up on all the Electronic stuff - Air, Thievery Corporation, Groove Armada. It’s be wonderful to have some new great music on the Pop side.

Thanks Daft Punk

28 years is a good run. I’m not usually a big fan of electronic music but over the years Daft Punk have released more than a few songs I really enjoyed. It’s always sad to see a good group come to an end. But I’d rather see them end when we still want to hear more from then rather than when we’re all tired of them.

I don’t know if I’d call “Random Access Memories” their best album, but at least their most accessible (no pun intended). It was very retro, but the songs I especially liked were their homage to Georgio Moroder “Georgio By Moroder”, with Moroder talking about the early days of his career, and of course their collaboration with Nile Rodgers was a dream come true and a match made in heaven (with props also to Pharrell Williams).

I’ll miss them.

And I’m glad they didn’t just put some new guys in the helmets and keep going.

Why break up, tho? Why the big announcement? Why not just stop releasing any new material or playing any new shows? Have they secretly detested each other? Like, were the first few years good but the past 26 years were a nightmare of mutual hate? Enquiring minds want to know! :stuck_out_tongue:

Never heard of them

How many people are talking about them right now as opposed to if they just didn’t release new material? How many people are listening to Daft Punk albums they haven’t in a few years because of the news (and on streaming the plays will make them some money)?

Of all the bands which might let such information become public, Daft Punk seems to be very very low on that list. :wink:

My suspicion is that the two of them simply decided that it was an artistic project which had run its course, and they wanted to move on to other things.

I’m sure they like money but they’ve always shied away from fame. They originally started wearing the masks while performing so people wouldn’t recognize them on the street. It eventually became their trademark.

I remember seeing the video for “Da Funk” but I can’t recall if it was MTV (probably M2, if so), The Box, or Sound Fx. That was my introduction. I liked that well enough but not enough to pay much attention to the rest of their career or become a big fan. That big hit song a few (ok, several) years back really surprised me.

This is what we call a “threadshit”. It’s against the rules. (edited to link to said rule.)

Legends. I’m bummed. But I did get to see them live a couple of times (including their legendary Coachella show).

At least the Chemical Brothers are still around.

As long as the PTA hasn’t disbanded as well, we’ll be fine.

I like Daft Punk, ever since hearing Around The World many decades ago. Faster, Stronger… Get Lucky… the great songs just kept coming (if slowly). But if they want to do other things, what do they owe anybody? Thanks for the memories.

I remember pointing them out in Tron: Legacy, saying, those two there aren’t just actors, they are the ones who wrote the score, and yes, that is what they usually look like.

Maybe one (or both) of them will become like Ryuichi Sakamoto from Yellow Magic Orchestra, composing music in other contexts.