Oh no! Daft Punk disband

Oh, I’m sure they will, they already both did some outside work and projects in the past, and I’m sure that’s not the end of their respective musical careers and ambitions.

If you watch the ‘Epilogue’ video you’ll notice they changed the ending of Electroma so only one of the robots dies. The other bot walks off into the distance.

My guess is the remaining robot will continue making music just not as Daft Punk.

I think I’ve mentioned before that I saw them at their first appearance in North America at a muddy 1996 camping rave in Wisconsin. Here’s a description and some memories:

This was pre-mask Daft Punk and there was a real buzz on the Saturday night & early Sunday morning. I doubt there were 2000 people there. I heard a story on the radio about the breakup driving home just now and did a very topical search of my collection of old flyers. I didn’t find the main flyer but did find what I think was handed out at the gate/ticket sale places after you bought a ticket. It has a map of the grounds, some rules (lol) and, really cool, a lineup schedule on the back page. Daft Punk had a brief, one hour live* set from 2-3am on Sunday morning. I can’t find a scan or photo of this document anywhere online, a priceless piece of history!

We had a crew of about 12 in our camp and had a really good time. At the time, I was more excited about the drum & bass / jungle acts but it was cool all the same. I’ve got some (mostly poor) photos.

*Live means they’re using drum machines, synths, sequencers, looping devices, samplers, etc and not just spinning records. There’s a terrible quality 30 minute camcorder video of the set.

Nor they you!

This may be the most perfect dance+music combination I’ve ever seen. I can’t believe I haven’t seen it before now. Thanks for posting it.

Not everyone agrees.

In 1997 I visited Switzerland for the first time. My husband was working, so I had hours to kill. The only channel that I understood was the music channel, where I got introduced to Rammstein’s Engel, Chemical Brother’s Block Rockin’ Beats and Daft Punk’s Around the World.

I’m sure there were other songs, but those are the three songs I remember. And whenever I hear any of them, I’m back in 1997. Sort of didn’t notice them until Get Lucky. Probably should wander through youtube and see what else they produced.

I was only vaguely aware of their existence other than the soundtrack to Tron: Legacy. I honestly thought they deserved at least an Oscar nomination if not an Oscar for their work on that, though. I’m really having trouble thinking of any movie other than a straight-up musical where the score/soundtrack was more important to the movie. I thought it was a bad movie overall, but the music kept driving the action and narrative relentlessly forward. Without that, it would have been a bad and listless movie.