Oh No! My cat likes toast and vegemite!

I tried him with a little piece last week, and now I can’t have my breakfast of toast and vegemite without the cat trying to bludge some off me. I guess the strong taste must be appealing. :o

A very intelligent cat!

I know What I’m having for breakfast tomorrow! :slight_smile:

[sub]Well, substitute an ‘Australian Toaster Biscuit’ for the toast, and add a slice of cheddar cheese.[/sub]


You know, cats also like to lick their own butts. :dubious: I’m just saying …

This sounds like you’re having the intelligent cat for breakfast tomorrow.

What’s the difference between vegemite and marmite? :confused: I heard tell that Australians :smiley: love their beer so much that they are willing to smear the dregs of beer production onto a piece of toast and eat it!! :eek:

Well, I understand that spent yeast from beer production is used in vegemite production. I don’t think there is a great deal of difference between marmite and vegemite.

And Wile E, thanks or the laugh so early in the morning. :smiley:

Vegemite and marmite do taste somewhat different from each other but I don’t think I can describe it. I’m not good at describing flavors. I can tell them apart though; like them both.

And now I’ve got something new to try out on my kitty.

Vegemite goes well with cat.

I’ve heard.

I had a cat that loved vegemite, too. You’d make a piece of toast and vegemite, turn around to stir your tea, turn back and there the cat would be of the floor, licking the vegemite off the toast. Never finished the toast, though. It got so that if you wanted to have some toast and vegemite you had to make another slice for the cat.

Mind you, this cat loved earwax, as well.

Marmite’s sweeter, IMMAPO.


I had a cat that liked Dolemite.

He didn’t care for Petey Wheatstraw, though.

My kitty thought he would enjoy a Trisket cracker.

I’m sitting there snacking straight from the box and up jumps Shaow who chomps down on the cracker I was actually putting into my mouth. It must have smelled savory. But you & I know that it doesn’t taste savory. The expression on his face was a riot. He couldn’t get the cracker back off his tongue quickly enough.

You bastard. :smiley: This Australian salutes you - that was funny - you uh… bastard. :smiley:

Seriously, cats seem to like traditional beakfasts, I used to have a cat that would eat toast with butter and raspberry jam, and would drink warm,sweet, milky tea out of a china cup.

I’ve seen the vegemite thing too.
Cats is cool.

What are/is;

A. Petey Wheatstraw

B. Dolemite

C. Trisket


My firewall here at work forbids it - some damn fool at Nabisco put ‘games’ in the description.

You realize, of course, that you’ve unwittingly been putting cat food on your toast each morning.