Oh Noes we're being assimilated.. ITT we panic.

Geez! I spend just a few days away from this place and it is looking like those other places.

what else am I going to be confronted with? I never thought I’d see ‘oh noes’ or ‘ITT’ on this beloved message board.

I saw the ITT thing but not the ‘oh noes’. What’s that?

Check the BBQ Pit.

‘oh noes’ is another way of saying ‘oh nooooooooooooo’. The ‘noes’ meaning “many 'no’s”

Ok, what’s ITT?

In This Thread

Sheesh…some of us are so geeky we don’t even get geek-speak. Or is that AOL speak?

Panic, you say?

:: presses the Big Red Panic Button marked Do Not Press Except In Case Of Panic ::

:: runs screaming and waving ferrets ::

“Oh noes” is something that I’ve seen on several other messageboards. Often it comes from people who use cutesy teen chat lingo such as “plz” for “please” and “u” for “you.” And who say “/me laughs.” Eccch.

AAhhhh…I see. I think my diabetes is flairing up.

For some reason I thought “oh noes” was a “making fun of Jar-Jar Binks” thing. Somehow it’s more tolerable knowing it might not be.

Actually, if I ever use “Oh, noes!” I’m not making fun of Jar-Jar Binks.

I’m making fun of people who use “Oh, noes!”…

Right, and consequently a lot of people use “oh noes” to express comic/ironic/exaggerated horror. (Actually, I’ve never seen it used seriously.) Sort of like using leet exclamations!!!111!!!111!!one!

Sorry if I elevated anyone’s gorge.

To me, “oh noes” looks like a misspelling.

Geeze, I hope that useless piece of redundancy doesn’t take off. That’s as stupid as when people put the whole word “thread” in the title. “The Harry Potty Book 46 Thread!” We know it’s a goddamn thread, I wasn’t wondering if it was a radio broadcast or body of water of my Aunt Millie’s douchebag.

“Noes” is perfectly legitimate: my wife and my great grandmother were both Noes.

I dunno, occasionally I come across a thread that greatly resembles my Aunt Millie’s douchebag. YAMMV (Your Aunt Millie May Vary).

If used by the right people and in moderation, I find “oh, noes” to be incredibly cute and endearing. Of course, I would find genocide to be incredibly cute and endearing if some of the people I’m infatuated with practiced it so, uh, yeah . .

Never seen ITT before though.