Oh, Og, my finals start tomorrow...

Tomorrow, I’m writing my english and history finals and oh, goodness, why the hell didn’t I study harder??? I just realized I don’t know anything about Louis St. Laurent and I don’t know all the dates I’m supposed to memorize… :frowning: On Friday, I have my math final, which I don’t really care about. Then on Monday, it’s my science final and I’m very frightened for that because my teacher is such a dumbass. And on Tuesday, I have my civics final, which is the most pointless but informative course I’ve taken…

If I’m this stressed out right now, what’s gonna happen to me in twelfth grade when I apply for university?! :eek:

Shouldn’t you be studying? :dubious:

My advice: relax. And when all the other kids are sitting outside class, waiting for the final to start and panicking and trying to cram at the last minute, meditate.

Yes, I’m serious.

And everything is gonna be O.K.


Good luck.

Good Luck in your exams!

Also, dont hang around outside the exam hall before and after the exam discussing what you know, or what you dont know, and later what you did or how you answered question. You’ll only get stressed over what you may have done wrong and not concentrate properly on the next exam.

Thats been my experience anyway.

Good luck. I’ve spent most of today working on my end of semester take home exam for Remedies.

Well, I just came back from my English and history finals. I think I did really badly on English and since my teacher marks so hard, I’m not expecting much and the same for history…Sigh. Whatever mark the teachers give me, I’ll just have to take it.

I suppose I should go study for my science exam now…