Oh shit, he's back

From the main page as of 12:38 PM:

Not to worry, the administration’s taking care of it.

Why did I first read that as “Mideast Bill”?

As if.

Moderator’s Notes: Got a problem with the administration, dubbele? Take it to the Pit. You ain’t gonna do it in this forum. I’ll simply delete any of your posts I find inappropriate. Got that?

Uh-oh. Who woke up God? :slight_smile:

'Cos your daughter drank all your Visine? :smiley:

Yeesh. That’s a lot of response for two pretty innocuous words.

They just don’t learn, do they?

And UncleBeer has already said he’d take care of it. Not to worry.

Except those aren’t the only two words. dubbele’s posted some other “commentary” on his view of the administration’s efforts today. Check ATMB for a sampling.

Um Unca Beer dear, he called YOU out in The Pit.


Go get im tiger :wink:

That bastard Corrado won’t let me. Maybe I’ll call him out.

He/She/It is at it here too http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?threadid=94546

Why do I keep hearing that old song “Some fools never learn” in my head ?

Yeah! War of the Mods! Coming this Sunday, Sunday, Sunday to In-Demand[sup]TM[/sup] Pay-Per-View! Order now, only $39.95!

<hurriedly calls cable company, breaks out ass-whomping munchies>

Heeeyyy, can Mods ban each other?

That would be an interesting scenario. :smiley:

You have GOT to be shitting me!

Did he even get to post?


Mods can’t ban, IIRC. It’s just administrators. Mods can make suggestions.

What does dubbele even mean? “Double”?

Stumbling across a thread that baffles the bejeezus outa me?? :confused:

Strangely so did I. If I hadn’t read your post I would have never caught that.

Hey-you’re insulting in a Non-Pit Thread! I’m telling Tuba! I’m telling Tuba!!!