Oh shit. I think I'm about to be fired

It’s sort of a running joke in the department any time somebody does something dumb that they’ll be meeting the boss on the third floor. Third floor is HR and that’s where firings take place.

I just got a meeting request from my boss to meet her on the third floor at 2:00.

Either she’s writing me up or she’s firing me. Either way I’m feeling pretty fucked.

Hopefully not Otto. Sending good thoughts your way.

Maybe you are getting a promotion? A raise? An opportunity to do something different?

Hope it works out for the best.

I’m sorry to hear that, Otto. I take it there’s no chance it’s something good?

Is it anything you did? Or didn’t do? Or are you just a victim of the system?

See you should be working and not tooling about on the SDMB!!

Whatever you do…don’t cry. No one likes a cry baby. Take it like a man!

Good luck

Agh, that’s a horrible feeling. If the HR department knows that there’s a reputation for a particular place in letting people go (in my company it’s the board room) then they shouldn’t call people for a meeting there, and secondly, they shouldn’t leave people sweating all freaking morning. If it’s to be the worst, just call someone in with no notice, and get it over and done with. But it might not be - I got called to the infamous room a few months ago, and spent the whole day fretting, to find they were giving me a raise.

Fingers crossed for you. Let us know.

Maybe shes trying to break down your nerves by scaring you in the hopes that youll duck into the broom closet with her after you find out you`re not being fired. No?

Isabelle, this:

was a bit harsh, in my opinion. Way to be supportive! :rolleyes:

Otto, good luck - let us know what happens, ok? I’m sorry you have to go through this - with the way layoffs go around here, whenever a meeting is called, we ALL start getting nervous.

Otto, maybe it’s something good. Best wishes.

I do not know you well, but your post is enough to convince me that I do not want to.

Just by my own experience- you may not have anything to worry about. Smart HR gets rid of people either at the beginning of the work day (so they don’t get paid for another day) or at the end (ditto, and it makes them have to leave -right then-). Middle of the day seems a bit odd. Too much ability to ‘hang out’ and / or cause trouble.
Anyway, it’s just my experience. Hopefully, nothing bad. Chin up.

Could it have anything to do with your other current thread.

Thanks for the good wishes from (almost) everyone.

I don’t imagine this is going to be anything good. Raises are annual, done in January. Reviews are quarterly and I just had one in June. AFAIK management is officially unaware of the co-worker’s situation and most likely wouldn’t be calling in other people for meetings about it.

No, I’m like 70-30 right now between getting fired and getting “talked to.”

I’ve taken a box of my things down to my car, just in case. I’ll grab the rest at lunch. Fortunately most of what I had at my desk is Halloween stuff from last year that I never carted home so the people who asked why I was hauling out a big box of stuff I could tell I was just taking home the decorations.

I’m guessing its not to get fired. They wouldn’t let you stew all day.

Just to be safe, however, start stealing office supplys NOW!

She told me she thought I was terribly handsome. Is that an insult or not?

I hope it’s not true.

What have you done to make you think you’re getting fired?

Best of luck, Otto.

If worst comes to worst, grab an extra stapler or two for me.

Ok Otto, its like this, before you go into that meeting go watch Fight Club and American Beauty to prepare your counterattack! You need to find a middle ground between beating the piss out of your self and threating a sexual harassment suit on your boss (hopfully your boss is a guy, casue otehr wise it wont work.) You can do this man, Eye of the tiger!

::Blares Theme to Rocky::

Who’s gonna shaft otto?

What’s Otto gonna do?


Update us soon, Otto. From work, one hopes:)

Could be a promotion, eh?

15 minutes to go.

I think I’m going to be sick.