Oh... so that's what's wrong with me.

Blech… I’m home sick today. Made a sick call this morning because after 3 weeks of feeling like 215 lbs. of ass, I decided maybe it was time to see a doctor. I guess it was 'cause… here’s the diagnosis: I have two infections, one in my eye and the other in my sinuses. My blood pressure is way high due to stress. Mainly 'cause I’ve been working 12-14 hour days. Plus, on top of all that, I apparently have seasonal allergies. The doc’s suggestion was that I just go home and try not to move for awhile (read: two days). He also gave me a sh*t-load of drugs.

I was reminded of Bloom County at the time: “Check again Mr. Dallas. You’re sure you’re breathing?”

Now, here’s the rub. I hate being sick… More specifically, I hate being home sick. I feel like such a waste when I do that. I never take sick days. It was always my opinion and that of my father’s that if you weren’t at work, you were in the hospital or at a funeral.

Oh well, truly MPSIMS, but I thought I’d share. Back to bed and plenty of fluids and antibiotics for me.

Hope you get well soon. Personally, I live for sick days sometimes… it’s the only time I have completely to myself! Even if I feel like crap I can still catch up on my reading and get little things done around the house that I normally don’t have time to do. And the SDMB is always here to cut down on the boredom.

Aww, sweetie. I’m so sorry you’re sick – but I am glad that you went to the doctor and that you’re being treated. You know you have all of my healing thoughts and happy thoughts and pretty much every thought. :slight_smile:

Get some rest, love. God knows you deserve it.

I love you more than anything, dearest.

You’re not being unproductive - you are very busy healing - and that’s serious work. Read, sleep, watch inane stuff on TV, spend all day SDMB’ing. Whatever keeps you relaxed will promote the healing process.

Take care of yourself.

Stay home when you’re sick, ya big petri dish! Quit spreading your germs on the rest of us!

…IMHO it’s a sure fire way to guarantee that you end up in the hospital or at your own funeral.:wink:

Yeah, I had a job last Summer where I had the “never call in sick because I’m a hard worker” mentality, went to work ill, boss asked if I was okay I said I was fine. 2 days later 6 employees called in sick for the same malady (despite my frequent hand-washing, people avoiding, cover-your-mouth when you cough/sneeze" measures. Boy did I get a lot of dirty looks after that :frowning:

Feel better soon, Sim. And listen to the damn doctor!

Simetra, I hope you feel better soon. Healing is hard work sometimes, as OldBroad said. Listen to what the doctor says, and you’ll most likely be fine after a time of healing.

Do what you can to get well… relax, get lots of rest, take medications, don’t do anything too strenuous, etc. Check back in here and let us know how you’re doing, okay? :slight_smile:

I’ve always thought that being sick is your body’s way of saying you need a break. Believe me, no one thinks you’re a waste for being home sick.

Listen you big bag ‘o’ nasty . . .

If you want to work, I won’t stop you. There’s plenty of snow to be cleared, and you can work outside so you don’t get anyone else in the office sick. Just gimme a call, I’ve got plenty of snow for ya.

You bring your own mittens.