Oh, SWAT is here.

OK, not here; but there was a little excitement in this sleepy village yesterday, of which I was completely unaware. I’m on the mailing list for the chairperson here, and this came in the mail today (identifying information removed):

I looked up the Facebook page, and one of his friends wrote of him:

I’ve only scanned his FB page, but based on the images he’s a member of the Constitution Party.

The weird thing was that when his page came up, I saw that we have one mutual friend. :eek: Turns out it’s just an FBO, and not an actual person. He also is, or was, a member of the Civil Air Patrol. If I could afford to fly and did not have other demands on my time, I would be in the CAP and might have known him.

So he’s a fucking liar too, eh?

I’m sure somebody died yesterday. Probably hundreds of thousands of somebodies. Ah, the latitude of imprecision! :stuck_out_tongue: