Oh, THAT Eric Harshbarger... From Winona to Lego

I have to assume that the Lego artiste featured in the current “Weird Earls” is the same Eric Harshbarger who used to run a highly authoritative and critically acclaimed website on Winona Ryder.

The website shut down kind of mysteriously, as I recall. Not long after shifting over to the winonaryder domain name, Mr. Harshbarger was apparently in contact both with Ms. Ryder’s management and the actress herself. For a while he seemed to have sort of a hotline, and posted authoritative responses to career rumors floating about on the web. After some months, however he abruptly announced that he would no longer be running the site, and it simply shut down.

Does anyone have any sort of inside line on what caused the site’s demise? Some sort of personal betrayal, perhaps. Lego would never do that. Lego is loyal…