Oh TSA, thank you for saving us from little girls

who might, just might, be terrorists. You never know, even though the little girl in question is an actress who, while maybe not immediately recognizable, has been in a lot of things and is going to be very famous, in very short order.

I’m talking about just-turned 13-year old Chloe Moretz, the wise sister in (500) Days of Summer, and who will be in the upcoming, massively popular Kick-Ass and later this year, in the remake of Let The Right One In, called Let Me In.

She was detained at 2 different airports, two times each. Twice on her way from LA to NYC, and twice on her way from NYC to LA. That’s how I’m reading her brother’s Tweets.

Feb 14:

Feb. 17:

I wrote Chloe and she laughed about it, said she was wearing pink and carrying a big pink Juicy Couture bag.

It won’t, because she’s not yet known to most people, but this should get as much play as Kevin Smith’s ordeal. More, because what the hell are the agents missing while they’re searching a 13-year old girl? I don’t think agents should racially profile, not at all, but jeez!

Of course, what’s funny is that she plays a badass superhero in Kick-Ass, and a vampire in Let Me In, so after those movies, some silly people might actually fear her, those who can’t tell real from movie. But those movies won’t be out for months yet, so no one knows her as a badass vampire.

I’m no fan of TSA and the kabuki airport theatre, but bitching about screening granny and children is fucking retarded*.
they’re bodies. that can have shit concealed on them.

(* if we didn’t get the attempt at Rahm Emmanuel humor here, please note that I’m not attempting to insult you)

It sounds like they searched her, not detained her - is that right? If it was just a search, what’s the big deal? I get searched all the time when I travel - it’s hardly unusual.

If she’s buying tickets at the last minute or making last-minute changes, that often kicks out a screening code.

When I was flying the NYC-DC shuttle, I found changing my ticket on the day of the flight, then printing out the boarding pass, would give the dreaded code, but it was 50/50 if I printed it a second time at the airport.

Who wouldn’t fear hit girl? I mean, really. Is getting your ass kicked to a tune by the Banana Splits the way you want to die?

This is some of the worst treatment afforded to a child celebrity since Gary Coleman was told he had to wait in line at the Post Office back in 1981 to buy stamps. Where is the outrage?!?!

Did the tweets say what airline she was flying? Because if they didn’t allow her to put her three suitcases in the overhead compartment, I’m, like, SOOOOOO going to boycott that airline, 4eva. :rolleyes:

I think this whole thread is just so you can boast about your favourite movie star writing to you on Twitter. :stuck_out_tongue: