Oh, What the Heck. XFL Predictions - Week Two

Okay, we all know what I think of the quality of this new league, but still it’s the only football we have right now. (Damn this addiction to football!!) Here goes nothing:

Chicago 19 at Los Angeles 22 (Tommy Maddox better not get hurt since Milanovich will be watching the birth of his first born. That may be the nicest thing anyone has ever said about him.)

San Francisco 20 at Orlando 29 (You know, I just got to thinking how much better my numbers/grid pools would have gone under the XFL scoring. Suddenly 2s, 5s, and 9s aren’t all that bad!)

Birmingham 30 at NY/NJ 13 (The Hitmen are the Bungles of the XFL. Which means our local Catholic High School could give them a run for their money.)

Las Vegas 27 at Memphis 26 (In the waning moments, whats-his-name-the-QB will toss to He Hate Me who will connect on a half-back option pass to No Name the WR for a game-winning score!!)

If I go .500 or better I may actually keep watching. At least then I have something to root for (other than Casey Weldon, my only fantasy player to make any noise last week).

I predict, make that, I unambiguosly manifest that this homo sapiens will not waste a single nanosecond of his life watching that eXtreme desecration of football. Heck, I’d rather watch Bill Clinton move “his” furniture out of the White House than sit through 3 hours of that crap.

And I also predict that no one will give a shit about the outcome of the games.

You call that football?

Well, I don’t consider it good football (see this thread), but it’s the only thing this football addict has right now.

And if you haven’t wasted a “nanosecond” of your life watching it, how do you know it sucks (it does, but how would you know)?

C’mon, Gazoo–take a deep breath and turn on a hockey game.

Perhaps I was unclear. I do not plan on misusing further moments of my life watching that bullshit they shamelessly call football. I did waste several nanoseconds of my existence last saturday torturing my eyes with that crap. :rolleyes: It is based on that regretful experience that I formulated the aforementioned comments regarding the immeasurable amounts of “suckyness” that is in wide display by the XFL.

In light of that and of Super Mario’s come back, I might take on MysterEcks’ advice and start watching some hockey.

Well Gazoo, even a footballaholic like myself, finds it hard to watch these games.
Maybe it will improve as the weeks go by, but I don’t think so. The camera angles make you miss a lot of the action, Jesse is weak, and the play ragged.
HE HATE ME is one of the truly original sport names around, nickname or real. But who is it that hates him?:confused:
So tonite, I will be watching the NBA All-Star Saturday Night. 2-ball, Slam dunks , 3 point shooting, Rookie game and no XFL.
And as always Gazoo, your predictions rule, even if you do live in Packerland.:slight_smile:

2-0 so far! Maybe I’ve found my calling. Of course, I didn’t watch either game, just got the updates as they came through on msnbc.com.

I think the hit I saw tonight, as the receiver for Los Angeles caught a touchdown pass and was popped upon receipt, was the hardest hit I’ve ever seen any player take. That was a wallop!!!

Well, I watched the end of the game tonight (after the Bruins game was over) and I gotta say, I was MUCH more impressed tonight than I was by last week’s game. It was actually quite watchable.

And the catch that sent the game into the second OT (not to mention the one that got it to OT in the first place) was a really good catch. This league could be arena level after all.

Like I said, I didn’t actually watch any of the games tonight, but it appears as if the XFL picked the wrong game last week to be their inaugural game. The stats in tonight’s games look pretty good. I will be watching the game tomorrow, so I’ll reserve judgment until then.

How did they work the OT? I saw on the stats that both teams scored in OT, so apparently they don’t use the NFL’s sudden death rule.

I was listening to the TV broadcast (without picture) for a while, what the hell happened in LA? Power go out again? :smiley:

The OT gives one team the ball on the 20 and 4 downs to score. If they score, the other team gets the same number of downs as the first team scored in to match it. If they score too, then they have a second OT.

It’s really pretty cool.

I figured it was something on that line. Similar to college ball then. Did they take a shot for the endzone on first down? That’s what I’d do. Everytime.

Hmmm, who knew? Maybe this league is easier to handicap than the NFL.

Not only did I get all 4 games right, my earlier prediction regarding the ratings panned out too.