oh, wow! i just realied that i actually stayed up all night for the first time!


its true!

ive never stayed up all night, sunup to sundown before. ive been awake pretty late, like, three or four, but never all the way to sunup. and i don’t even feel tired!

if you want to know how this miraculous event occured, i will tell you.

here goes- after a late night of Dopeing and downloading/listening to music, i tried to go to sleep. i wandered downstairs in the dark, and jumped on the bed. after getting settled in, i felt something wet under me. i turned on the light; lo and behold, my cat had pissed on the bed. i think that happened because some moron (my brother) had forgotten to reopen the room the litterbox was in after changing the cats’ water. also, i had lost my bottle of Cat-Away so my bed wasn’t soaked in cat repellent, which i use so this specific event doesn’t happen. happily, cat urine can be removed from the skin with a shower, and so i showered. after this experience, i was no longer sleepy, and so i returned to the boards. i just looked out the window and discovered it was lightening, and so i posted here.

therefore, i conclude that the careful combination of feline urine and loud music can be utilized to keep me awake for twenty four hours with no evidence of fatigue!

I wouldn’t go so far as to say that there’s NO evidence of fatigue…

Your post indicates one of two things. Either you’re extremely tired, or you had some serious chiba last night.

I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and blame the drugs.

[sub]The cat…sheesh. shakes head[/sub]

whoa, maybe i AM sleepy, cause i am pretty sure i have no drugs in my system.

and whats wrong with the cat? :smiley: