Oh ye gods, keep me out of Publix!

So, ever since I discovered fat-free Fage yogurt at Publix, I have been going in there to get that. Tonight, LitHubby and I stopped in to pick up some yogurt and breakfasty foods for the kids. I came across this. For those not wanting to click the link – it is Ginger Preserves. Let me restate that for you. Ginger preserves – as in little chunks of ginger, preserved in a lightly sweetened gelatinous form. OMG! So, I bought a jar of the stuff, mixed in a tablespoon (only 60 calories!) with my fat-free Fage and I am in heaven.

Seriously, I need to stop going in that store. I keep finding stuff that I like in there. Arrrrghhhh!

I’m a fan of anything ginger-flavoured. That sounds wonderful.

Was it $30??

Seriously. For $30, that can had better be garbage-pail sized. It’s ginger in high fructose corn syrup, right?

Oh it looks like you get four 1-lb jars for $30? is that right? How big was the jar at Publix?

This is your second ginger-related thread. You must really love the stuff. I challenge you to devour this ginger. After that, report back and let us know how everything went.

I’d imagine that this ginger would need a real good dunkin’ in high fructose corn syrup.

Ice Wolf, this stuff is the BOMB! The little chunks of ginger are just perfect, big enough to give some heat without choking you. If you like ginger, definitely try this stuff.

OpalCat, yeh. The stuff on Amazon is 4 jars for $30, which is actually a little better (before shipping) than I paid at Publix. I paid $6.49 for my 1-lb jar. It should last me a while, though, since I don’t eat a lot of sugary stuff and a serving size is only 1 tbsp.

Diomedes, yeh. It’s very sweet, but the ingredients list actual sugar, not HFCS. It’s too sweet for eating by itself, but mixed in that Fage yogurt --<foodgasm> it’s amazing.</foodgasm>

Least Original User Name Ever, go ahead and laugh, but I actually do have a thing for human gingers, too. It’s one of those things that makes people star at me funny – I can’t resist a ginger! Of course, my favorite episode of Southpark is the one in which Cartman is saying that gingers have no soul. My daughter, who shares my adoration of redheaded guys, and I will often be heard pointing out that “gingers have no soul.” Teehee.

I bought it at Publix, too. I could barely taste the ginger in it. Didn’t care for it at all. It’s still in my fridge, barely eaten.

I bought it at Publix, too. I could barely taste the ginger in it. Didn’t care for it at all. It’s still in my fridge, barely eaten. I’d send it to you if I could, but since it’s opened, it wouldn’t be okay to send it unrefrigerated.

wow, I thought the ginger was just perfect in it. Then again, I am one of those people with hyperactive tastebuds/scent glands. (It drives people nuts, since I can figure out their “secret” recipe by smell/taste) Funny that you would mention the refrigeration part, I spent a good 3 minutes looking the jar over to see if it has to be refrigerated, couldn’t find anything saying it does. I actually prefer warm preserves, not cold. I did put it in the fridge, just in case.

I miss Publix (Florida native & long-time resident now resigned to NJ’s ShopRite).

And as a slight hijack, I love Fage yogurt - protein-a-rama!


Would anyone like some orange-pineapple-ginger ice cream? I make it myself… :slight_smile:

I <heart> Fage, as well…the whole milk version mixed with honey and walnuts is so decadently good…OK, I know what I’m picking up at the store tonight…

I’ve got to find me a greek place that sells that kind of yogurt cheaper…Fage is pretty $$$…

You should try this stuff. I get it at Fresh Market sometimes and love it.

Well, yes! Sounds divine, and I don’t like ice cream!

Re: Fage – it is a bit expensive. Ok, a lot expensive, but oh so yummy! I actually bought it originally with the intent of just making my own yogurt, but I am so damned lazy…lol.

Another Fage fan here. I had just discovered their unctuous full-fat yogurt, and then my next discovery was that I had high cholesterol.

So I’ll snag the nonfat on my next trip to the market. I also love it drizzled with honey and topped with walnuts. A bit of whole-wheat toast on the side and you’ve got breakfast.

Because of your previous thread, I had to go get some Vernors.

It was yummy. Hadn’t had it in a while.

As a slight hijack in my own thread – the best thing for high cholesterol is Olive Oil. Aside from the few studies I have read (sorry, no cites – been a while since I did the research) saying that EVOO will bring down your cholesterol, I have my own personal experience as well as that of my husband. I just switched off to using EVOO in everything that calls for oil. If you get a good, high-quality EVOO, you won’t notice the taste, even in stuff like brownies and cakes.

Of course, standard disclaimer applies – I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV. While it is my experience that the above held true for me and my husband, please discuss anything concerning your health with your licensed health care provider/village shaman/local quack/whatever.

ETA: **LOUNE ** – I hate you (not really, but ya know) – I so want some Ginger Ale, but the carbonation is a killer for me. Just hurts too much now. Maybe I will make some ginger ale and stop it before it gets too far into the fermentation so it’s still…still. hmmmmm

I like the full-fat stuff too, but prefer the 2%. Do those of you who purchase Fage find the 2% to be hard to find? It’s always sold out around here.


My Publix seems to only carry the full-fat or the fat-free. I find that the fat-free is really just as good. But then again, I never liked full-fat anything. Heck, I trim the fat off my steaks *before * cooking them.