OhDope 3, Electric Boogalee- Hallowe'en party, Housewarming... Wedding Reception

So the time for this years OhDope is approaching quickly. It was shaky there for a bit, not knowing whether I’d have the house settled or not (and as it is now, we’ll probably still have boxes everywhere) but it’s on, it’s happening, and YOU are invited.

November 1, 2003 is the date.
Evening-ish is the time.
Location details to follow in a few days, but it’s close to the airport so those of y’all flying in, it’ll be a very cheap cab ride if you’re down for that.
Hotels abound.
Oh, in case you were wondering about the title to this li’l post here, yes, laserkittyand I will be married by the time you see us at the party. We’re having a small, family and friends, ceremony earlier in the day and wrapping the reception into the annual party.

We want you, well some of you :wink: , to join us. Not just for our wedding, but for the party, for the fun of seeing one another and laughing and having a good time.

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New place? Hope I can find it. Which day of the week is that?

What!?! You’re getting married?!? Truly the end of an era… congratulations and best wishes to the both of you!

my son and I will be there.
Heck, we could take the rapid.

How very exciting! New house, new wife, new life! I’d send Miss Moose as my proxy, but I think she’ll be hanging with the Down Under Dopers about that time!

Best of everything to you and your lady!

November 1 is a Saturday this year, so that’ll be nice.

And think, your coding sux.

My coding does, indeed, suck. taht’s what you get copying things from an html source, though.

Directions this year are not too much more difficult than in past years, just on the other side of the city (on the clock face, I’m moving from 10 o’clock to 2:30.)

You live on a clock?

Dave and I might just be able to swing this. Are we doing Halloweenie costumes, and where are you registered?

Congrats again!

UncleBeer and I will be there. My flight is booked, and it paid to procrastinate for once; two days ago the cheapest direct flight I could find was $271, but today I got it for $151.

Woot! Not just cool OhDopers, but cool ChiDopers and BaltiDopers as well.

Didn’t you know that thinksnow is secretly Harold Lloyd?

GingerDave, yes, as always, the party is a costume-recommended affair. The wedding, not so much.

We’re not registering anywhere, nor do you really have to get us anything. If you feel you simply must, you could pick up a gift card to Target, Sears, Lowes or the like, since we’re going to be doing house-stuff for quite a while, but don’t really need anything in particular (unless you want to buy some 2" wood slat blinds or a ceiling fan?)

Honestly- just show up, have a good time, and don’t feel that you have to have a special occasion to get together with friends. That’s really all we’re asking.

Ya know, I keep seeing a lot of folks talking about how they live in Ohio. I think that we need to make sure that they get to this thing. Maybe they don’t know that OhDope is in Ohio. Maybe they think that it’s Oh…klahoma, where the winds come sweeping down the plains?

I just want it to be known: I have the Best Costume Ever! I get a sword, and a cloak (cape with hook) and bare feet. Yes, I am a Hobbit.

And that’s my costume too. (With a ring, I’m Frodo. No ring- Bilbo.)
Should I bring a Jell-O mold? Lime brain with grapes floating in it? Or a strawberry heart?

Oh, my cloak is a cape with a hood. I guess I could have a cape with a hook too. Then I could be the Hobbit that Wrassles with Alligators. But that would just be silly.

I am going to try to attempt a shot at being there. How much alcohol does one need to consume before one shows up?

On a separate note: Rue DeDay, Are you from Baltimore, Ohio? (If you don’t mind me asking).

My husband has the cloak and white beard and wooden staff. He could be Gandalf. But that would be wrong because he actually has The One Ring. It has the Elvish writing on it and everything. If I can talk him into coming with me, I will have him bring it along. It’s pretty cool.

Oh yeah, my posting in this thread means that I plan on attending too.

We have a Baltimore in Ohio moe? I’m a little closer to Cincinnati than I am to Dayton along I-75.

Are there a lot of DeDays in Baltimore? (And please, call me “Rue”.)

Oh, there’s a Baltimore, Ohio, alright. It’s somewhere on the way between Columbus and Pittsburgh, IIRC. Their crabcakes are not as good as the ones in Maryland. There’s also an Atlanta, Ohio out there somewhere and maybe even a Rome.

You have to let us know exactly where this is so we may find it.
My son may be a pumpkin, me, I’m thinking a white bunny.

And there’s a Lima. But it’s named after the bean, not the place in Peru.

There’s also an Africa and a Berkshire. The bad thing about our Berkshire is Puddin’ doesn’t live in that one.

Yup, in Ohio you can travel the world without leaving the state. (Aberdeen, Athens, Berlin…)