Ohhhh, What_Exit... that's not what doxxing is

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Put everything back, please. Thanks.

No, not without a lot of review.

I’m erring on the side of caution here.

But please, make your case without naming names.

There’s no caution needed. The woman wrote a book. She had it published. We get to associate her name with the book she wrote. Always.

I can understand not identifying the instructor teaching the course ArtBeforeScience is taking.

But naming the author of a book used in course materials, especially when that person (a psychologist) is well-known among “ritual abuse” advocates and skeptics, is not “doxxing” in any sense of the word. She evidently qualifies as a public figure.

If she is among those Who Must Not Be Named, then it must be forbidden to mention any prominent person associated with the ritual abuse movement.

Or with any other movement. Can’t say “Hannity” any more? Puh-lease.

This is ridiculous. She wrote a book and teaches a course. No one gave her address or contact info. I’m not “doxxing” Stephen King if I say he wrote The Stand.

Since we know who Stephen King is, I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t usually fit the definition of doxxing if you did publish his address, although it would obviously be a hugely inappropriate thing to do (and might violate some law for all I know). Isn’t it also an essential element of doxxing that you identify someone who posts or publishes anonymously or pseudonymously?

ETA: For clarity of discussion I won’t delete what I wrote above, but per Wikipedia it looks like I’m wrong about that.

So is there a different word for simply identifying someone who wished to remain anonymous? [ This is not applicable to this instance of moderation, I’m just asking. ]

I’ll go one step further and reveal that Stephen King… Is Richard Bachman!!!

(I will add too that mentioning that someone published a book sold on Amazon is in no way doxxing. That’s just silly.)

I will restore the author, doing this from my phone I cleared more than needed.

But I wasn’t willing to wait until the morning in a case of doxxing.

So better too much, than too little.

I missed the original, but was it just the name of a professor that teaches a public course that was redacted? I can’t imagine how that could be doxing. Posting their address and phone number would be doxing.