Ohio dope?

Are we ever going to have an Ohio dope?
I am near Cleveland.
Who else is around here?
Why aren’t we geting together??

I’m in Toledo and I’ve been wondering the same thing. I know there’s more than a few of us…

hello? hello? calling all ohioans

I’m in indiana, if it was no more than a three hour drive…I"de probably try to go. I know of a few other indiana dopers that would go.

So where were you all at Holloween in Columbus? We had a ball.

The Ohio border’s not too far from me. If I’m still in Michigan for the summer, I’ll make it a point to attend.

FTR, I demand that you stay in Michigan this summer.

I threw a well advertised bash for Halloween in Columbus, as noted by the esteemed SamClem, last year. If you check MPSIMS, you’ll see a current thread discussing a possible CinciDopers get together.

FTR, I’ll likely be hosting another OhDope (HalloDope? DopeAWeen?) this year, so plan on that, too.

I’m from Cleveland…I’d love to meet you all.

East or West side, kitten?
eastern suburb here.

Well, OK, but if I can’t pay the rent this summer, I’m going to have to stay at your place. Under the bed or in the closet will be fine. :smiley:

Woot! Return of OhDope! And Columbus is so centrally located, it’s hard for anyone within the state to have an excuse not to attend.

As for the Cleveland folks, why dontcha have a CleveDope the same time we’re having CincyDope and then we can Dope both corners of the state at the same time? It’ll be something for you to do in the summer time to drum up support for OhDope the Sequel in the fall.

Western suburbs, work downtown, and lately have been spending so much time at the Cedar-Lee that I am beginning to understand what east-siders have been talking about.

And I vote for CleveDope for everyone!

Oh, sure, after I move out of Ohio I notice Ohio dopers. :stuck_out_tongue:

in in ohio. ive got family and friends all over 71 and 75.

im up for a ohiodopefest

I’m not really an Ohio resident anymore, but I grew up in Columbus, and I still have family and friends there. They expect me to visit anyway, and an Ohiodope might be a good excuse to get my butt up there. I’ll just keep an eye on the situation and see what’s going on…

I vote we all have a CleveDope at tomndebb’s. All in favor, say “aye.”:smiley:


TomnDebb’s?!!! If you Clevelanders wouldn’t mind a Pittsburgher crossing the border, I might well be interested. As it happens, I’ll be in Columbus late in July for an RG, and in Cleveland in September for the same reason. On the surface, RG’s and Dopefests have a lot in common; I’d love to be able to acquire hard evidence.


I’m in the eastern 'burbs of Cleveland. Would love to attend and show off the GrizzCub!

Hey! What burb Grizz?
Euclid here…