Okay, when will the next Ohio dopefest be? I haven’t been to one yet. I almost made it to the one a year ago, but my ride was incapacitated.
I have only met one person here, I would like to meet some more.

Well, I, for one, am heading that way in about 20 minutes, so if you want to have a mini-dope fest, I’ll be in Dayton in about 10 and a half hours or Columbus on Monday.

Well, I have no way to get to Columbus, unless there were a big fest going on and would take the greyhound.
ENjoy the cruddy weather…

I live in Columbus. This is the only town where, in order to be prepared, you must always have handy: a raincoat, a parka, and a swimsuit.

And one of those “beer holder” hats with a straw. Not really necessary, but I like em. :slight_smile:

Middletown Ohio checking in

Hey I don’t know what’s going on in our state’s capital, but the weather here is fine.

Sunny clear skies, light breezes, butterflies fluttering by,

Yep, close to paradise, do stop by.

Since I live in Ohio, I figured I should check in, too. I’m in Cortland … midway between Youngstown and Cleveland, kinda, sorta. There don’t seem to be a lot of Ohioan dopers, so Hi Neighbors!

I’m actually moving to Broadview Heights (just outside of Cleveland) next week…so howdy everyone!

Akron, checking in.

Almost made it to UncleBeer’s last one, but timing was off.

The Pittsburgh Dopefest being currently talked about sounds close, unless it moves too far East. Alas, it’s not til Feb.

Well, the weather here has gotten better. It was 78 today!

I lived in Martins Ferry not too long ago… anyone know where that is?

I won’t be here for much longer, so I might as well have a Dopefest before I go…

How sounds the weekend of November 3-4? Satan will be in town, so you all can meet him too.

I’m an Ohioan, and if I remember right, there’s a bunch more around here somewhere.


Drain, are you moving to north carolina? Lucky you if so.
Nov. whatever is fine with me.

I am here in Eaton, OH. Figured I’d say hi too.

Gotta love this weather.

Toledo, well, Sylvania anyway, checking in. I can’t make the first weekend in November, but don’t let that stop ya’s from having it then.

Unc, I had no idea you lived in Sylvania!

As you know, I live in Freedonia, the next country over. Want to fight a war? :wink: