Central Ohio Dopefest?

I have no clue what people do at Dopefests, but I live in Central Ohio, and if there are other Dopers in this area, it would be cool to get together. Any ideas, suggestions, death threats? Let me know.

Where do you live in Central Ohio? There’s a handful of us down near Cincinnati, then there are a couple of folks in Columbus some in Cleveland and there’s a grumpy old guy living in Toledo. Knowing where you are would help.

I am about 20 miles southeast of Columbus in a town called Lancaster. I guess maybe Central Ohio Dopefest should be changed to just Ohio Dopefest. If you know the other users, and you are interested yourself, maybe you could get them to throw out some suggestions.

OhDope for Halloween.

Details to follow in a few months, but there are many a’thing happening all over the place.

Genreally, it’s just a get-together for the sake of getting together. No real rules or mandates, just show up and have fun.

Hocking Hills Dopefest? I’m in Ann Arbor, and with a lil’ kid a daytrip like that isn’t always do-able for me, but I’d be interesting in knowing more details as they came together.

Hey, I’m in Ohio too, near Lima and Findlay if anyone knows where they are, don’t know if I would be able to make it but if at all possible I would LOVE too. Keep me informed!

I’m not in Ohio, but I gotta say: thinksnow!! Where ya been?? I’ve missed seeing you on the boards. Miss Moose sends hugs!