Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana Dopers Who Like to Walk Around Near Trees


I was wondering, is there any interest in a Fall Hike? If we throw something together quick we might even catch some leaf color.

Since it’s most convenient for me, in the middle of the Cincinnati-Dayton-Columbus triange there’s John Bryan State Park, the Glen Helen trails in Yellow Spring and Clifton Gorge Preserve. (The downside of Clifton Gorge Preserve is “no dogs allowed”. So you’d have to leave your trail-walkin’ pooch at home.)

All throughout Hamilton County there are the County Parks. So that’s something to think about too.

If anyone is interested, give a yell. (Or just post. That might work better.) If you all turn out to be somewhere where other park venues are more compatable, we can shift plans around.

Also, Winter Hikes anyone?

With anyone else we could probably assume Fall Hike was a seasonal reference.

Shaker Lakes in Ohio!

I have the choice here of saying “shut up lieu” or just ignoring him. Hmm…

Shut up lieu.

“Shaker Lakes” like in Cleveland? Dude, you’re in the wrong part of the state!

As an incentive, if you bring a cup after the hike I’ll make you hot cocoa.

If it’s a day when I’m free, and not too many hundreds of miles away, I’d be up for a fall hike of some kind.

Where would “not too many hundreds of miles away” be Fisher? You need to help out by narrowing down your “location”. Or not, it’s really your call.

And given the derth of interest it could just be me going out. (Boo hoo hoo! No one loves me! Boo hoo hoo!)

No, I’m not above playing the sympathy card. Why?

Well, I tried to post yesterday, but the hamster’s ate it. I’ll go if I’m available whichever day you pick. Precise location is not that critical to me. Fall colors would be great.

And speaking of walking around near trees, the Blue Ash’s Heritage Day is this Saturday, at the Blue Ash Nature Preserve. It’s very family friendly, and includes (in addition to the trees thing) crafts, foods, story-telling, music, pony rides, and more. Almost free and great for kids (or grown-ups that think like kids).

Since you ask, Rue, I’m a new resident in Cincinnati. Guess I ought to update my location now that I’ve moved out of the hinterlands.

Thank you for caring.

A brand new Cincinnatian? (East Side or West Side?) Well aren’t you lucky Fisher? LaRosa’s pizza, Skyline chili, goetta, Riverfest, Octoberfest, Church Festivals all summer, The Festival of Lights at the Zoo… plus a bunch of stuff I can’t be bothered to list. Or even think of.
This weekend I’m going up to Buck Creek. Skippy may or may not be going too.

Or you could do the Blue Ash thing with Shibb. As a general rule, Shibb is always a Good Time.