Fall Hike near Dayton (Ohio)

You, if ya wanna.

Walk around some near trees and stuff. I call it The Fall Hike. (Catchy, huh?)

About 10ish (in the morning), Saturday November 15th.

The Glen Helen Nature Preserve in Yellow Springs Ohio. (505 Corry Street if you want to drop them a line.)

From Columbus-
I-70 west to US 68 south (exit 52A)
8 miles to Yellow Springs.
Left turn @ Corry Street (the northernmost traffic light in town, so if you can get from wherever you are to the northernmost traffic light in Yellow Springs, Ohio just follow these directions and you’re Jake.)
It’s a half mile down Corry to the parking lot on the left.

From Cincinnati-
I-75 north to I-675 (that’s the I-75 bypass at Dayton)
I-675 to Dayton- Yellow Springs Road (exit 20 I think)
6 miles to Yellow Springs and the third traffic light is Corry Street. (It’s also the northernmost traffic light in town. What are the odds?)
It’s still a half mile down Corry to the parking lot on the left.

From Dayton-
I dunno. I think you’ll just have to skip this one.

From Indianapolis-
I-70 east to US 68 south. Then pretend you’re coming from Columbus. Or drive all the way to Columbus and start from the top. Columbus Ohio, not the pretender Columbus you have in Indiana.

When you pull into the parking lot, in front of you and off to the right is the Glen Helen Building and the Trailside Museum & Visitor Center (there are signs). Off to the left there’s a big rock in the field. There’s no sign, but it’s a real big rock. Meet there. (Unless it rains. Then this trip is scrubbed.)

Because walking around near trees and stuff is fun. There’s also a Raptor Center with a vulture that barks at you (really) and a covered bridge and a cave, and the spring that Yellow Springs is named for and a waterfall and Pompey’s Pillar that I’m not going to tell you what it is, but use your imagination.

Also, if you bring your own cup and a spoon, odds are good you’ll get hot chocolate afterwards.

With your feet.

Any questions?
Who is in?

Soccer’s over by then, so I guess I’m in. Do I need any special equipment? And will we go for ice cream afterwards?

No, you don’t NEED any special equipment. (That’s the beauty of walking around.) I forgot to mention the trails are sneaker-friendly. (I’ll be bringing Stick, but that’s just because I fall down easily.) It’s also Family Fun! I think Soupo might be going.

Ice cream is a definite possibility. (The link “moos” at you. You have been warned.)

Gee, I woulda come, but there are no directions from Jacksonville… <sigh>

Just as a point of clarification, the difference between a walk and a hike is the stick?


I’m kind of frightened by the concept of a Rue hike. What are the odds that everybody will be able to stay walking in the same direction for more than 10 seconds at a time? :smiley:

Kalamazoo isn’t so far that we couldn’t come up there and kick your butt, you know. So why donthca come down and take a walk with us.

slortar - you cracked me up - I almost choked on a peanut!!!

I too picture everyone wearing tons of protective equiptment.

I wish that I was closer to Dayton.

Or that I wasn’t so swamped at work. 'Cause then I’d think about taking a mini trip. Ice cream. Soupo. Rue. The Stick.


From Jacksonville-
I-10 west to I-75 north.
I-75 north until you get to Cincinnati
From there you got directions.

It shouldn’t take more than 14 hours or so. Drive fast.

It’s just Stick Scout. Just Stick.

I think that the drive from San Diego is considerably farther than the joyride from JAX.

And what am I scout, chopped liver? I mean, I don’t mind taking a backseat to Rue. Or Soupo (he’s much cuter than I am). Or ice cream (that’s a given). But a backseat to Stick? Sheesh!

Joyride from Jax? Considering how much I hate to drive, it wouldn’t be a joy. But a mere 14 hours or so? No problem. I have cruise control. I can set it and take a nap.

Shibb, personally, I’d rate you way above Stick.

From San Diego-
I-15 north to I-70 east.
I-70 east until you get to Indianapolis.
From there you got directions.

Or better yet, fly into Columbus. Call thinksnow. Wait for him to pick you up.

Too much work will give you ulcers Scout. Tummy troubles. No one wants that. Think of yourself for once. You thank yourself later.

I can’t let it go any longer.
Shut up lieu.

I’d be tempted to go if it didn’t involve getting up at 5 to drive on down. :wink:

This whole “walking” thing sounds too much like excercise. Let me know when you finally get the group gathered and herded over to the US Air Force Museum.

So ya gonna rent a scooter at the Museum there Blackclaw? Just checking. Or does walking not count as exercise if you’re inside?

we will come if someone picks us up near Cleveland.

By gum, Shibb, I didn’t mean to leave you off.

In fact, YOU are the one that suggested ice cream. How could I pish posh someone who brings up the topic of ice cream?

Alas and alack, while I cannot make it out to Dayton (THIS time) I have signed up for a wine tasting instead. So I’ll be drowning my sorrows. :wink:

It does, but to get me to do it you have to trick me into it. You can’t tell me we are going to walk around for hours. You have to tell me we are going to look at historical aircraft for hours. Either way, I’m walking, but the second way I don’t frame it in terms of excercise.

From Kalamazoo-
I-94 east to I-275 south
I-275 south to I-75 south
I-75 south to Rt. 2 east
Rt. 2 east til you pick up I-90 east
Stop in Cleveland to pick up vanilla
I-71 south (ask vanilla how to get there, it looks like a mess) to Columbus.
From Columbus you have directions. But stop in Columbus and get a room and be with us for the hike Saturday.

If. You. Dare!