Oil rig explosion in the gulf

An oil rig owned by Vermillion, 90 miles off the shore exploded . There were 12 workers all jumped into the water and were saved. There is no info on whether oil is leaking or not.
Yes I know it is not a debate but it is not mundane either.

We really need a “hey look at this news” forum.

Here’s hoping it’s not another leak.

Here is a link to the story.

I don’t know what the debate is, but that’s all I see so far on the story.


I started a thread in the Pit about this, since there’s really no debate at this point, just a situation that will prolly need some perplexed bitching to be done about it until we get more info.

Welcome to Obama’s America.

Yes, I remember him campaigning heavily on the “drill, baby, drill” platform.

What does this mean?

In Obama’s America, doing stuff is DANGEROUS! We’d best elect another one of those consequenceless president’s next.

There is no debate. i made that perfectly clear.

Re-Elect George “Heckuva job” Bush!

Hmmm…sounds like someone needed some diversionary news…

Makes me long for the days when they would just shoot a cruise missile into an empty factory in the middle of nowhere
or get an intern under their desk…

If it turns out the explosion was intentionally caused by a person or group of people aimed at disrupting gulf oil production or to further an environmentalist cause will they be considered terrorists, freedom fighters, or simply misguided but well intentioned?

It could just as well been an accident, I know that.

Ahhh, I see the talking point forming already. Spread FUD about environmental terrorism. “No, I didn’t mean to say that environmental terrorists DID cause the explosions, and that Obama sympathises with them, I’M JUST ASKING QUESTIONS, MAN!”

Well, this stuff never happened on Bush’s watch, did it?

The beauty of it is that Apache ,the oil rig owner, and a bunch of employees protested Obama’s moratorium yesterday. They claimed Obama was damaging the industry. Maybe it is exploding rigs that are the problem. I think the government should inspect every rig before it is allowed back on line.


No, but 9/11 did.

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NM Dogzilla beat me to it.

The platform is owned by Mariner Energy, which is involved in a merger process with Apache but that may not becompleted as of yet.

Sure, but that was a bunch of pinko New Yorkers. The victims here are Real Americans - good downhome country folk.

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/09/02/oil-rig-explodes-in-the-g_n_703525.html The rig was in production and the coast guard says it is leaking.