Ojeda Rios killed in PR

Washington Times link; Democracy Now link

Does anyone know anything more about this? After hearing about it earlier this week, I’ve found a few links, but the story doesn’t seem to have received much coverage. Why did the FBI attack him now? (He has been living underground for the past 15 years.) Why was the house blocked off after the shooting? Is there any merit to the rumors that the date (September 23, the Grito de Lares) of the shooting was deliberate?

I don’t know anything about the Ojeda Rios killing, but I’m a little peeved that we’d kill a guy in Puerto Rico because he was wanted for a bank robbery, while simultaneously refusing to deport the notorious Luis Posada to anywhere he can be tried for his alleged acts of terrorism.

The really rich part about the second one is that the judge ruled we can’t get rid of Posada because we’re afraid he might be tortured:

I mean, it’s nice that we’re suddenly all concerned about the possibility of terrorist suspects (at least anti-Cuban terrorist suspects) being tortured, but where was this concern when we were “extraordinary rendering” Muslim suspects to be tortured in other countries, not to mention doing some torture of our own?

Sorry for the hijack. Don’t know squat about the late Ojeda Rios or the circumstances of his death, sorry. Carry on.

Recently posted article in the Nation:

The Killing of Filiberto Ojeda Ríos

Looks like the circumstances of the killing were at best somewhat discreditable:

If the FBI did not execute him deliberately, at the very least they let him bleed to death without medical care in a fairly ham-handed attempt at arrest that turned into a focal point for renewed outrage and militancy on the part of the very political groups they were trying to discourage.

I’m not sure it was worth it for the sake of apprehending a man in his seventies for jumping bail fifteen years ago.