OK, anytime now, Beta-chan

My birthday and time:

September 30th. 2.40pm :slight_smile:

I will guess my parent’s anniversary which is September 27th. For the time, let’s say 3:33PM because 3 is a lucky number in both Western and Japanese traditions :slight_smile:

Here’s wishing for an uneventful delivery for the PlayerClan

10-3 @ 7:30 am

I was going to say October 11 because that should be an AWESOME day for me, but I think I should give mom-to-be a break, so I’ll say October 1, 5 AM. I think I was born around that time of the morning, therefore it is a good time to be born!

Get ready to unstick, Beta-chan! We’re ready, you’re ready, go for it!

I pick Oct 7th (my Nephew’s Birthday at 11:27PM (Time of night I was born) All the very best to you & yours!

Let’s see…Oct. 22, because then she’d be two weeks late, like I was. And 11:38 a.m., because that’s the hour I was born.

Mostly, just anytime that’s good for her. :smiley:

I’m in for 06 Oct, 7:37 pm in honor of my dad. May Beta-chan be as happy as he is!

::get slippery, little one!::

Okay, here’s the advice.

Let Mama rest as much as possible. I learned this the hard way after Ivyboy was born…we dropped off the bags at the apartment and went over to his parents for a visit. If I’d been thinking, I would have said not only no, but hell no, I need time to rest and bond with the kidlet.

I’m glad you’re getting help from the grandmas, but you make sure Mama gets as much time with Beta as she wants. She has priority, then you, then the grandmas.

What, if any, naming traditions are there in Japan? Do boys get named for their father, or some other male relative? Does a name get used a lot? For example, in my maternal grandmothers family there is the name Allen, that gets used a lot as a middle name across the generations.

Are there names that commonly “go together” like Mary Sue, or Mary Jane?

Will little Beta get a Western name as did her big brother? Or will her name be Japanese? Or a combo?

See, what we’re really all on tenterhooks about is “Have ya got a name picked out yet?” Just a little hint would be cool!:stuck_out_tongue:

Japanese traditions lose out to American and Taiwanese for names in our family. :smiley:

It would be nice to have a real name in all three language, but that’s difficult to find. We still have to be careful that the name isn’t strange in any of the three. Chinese and English take first priority.

Ian is a name in both English and Chinese, and didn’t sound strange in Japanese.

Neither Japanese or Chinese use middle names. We debated if we were going to gave her a middle name or not, but decided to go ahead.

Chinese often use two characters in their first names, and the family my wife’s cousin married into all use the same second character for all sons in that generation. There’s 8 or 12 of these, and then they start back at the beginning. The cousin didn’t like the character and wanted to buck tradition, but everyone convinced her to accept it.

We’ve found a great first name which again is a real name in both America and Chinese!

The hint: it starts with the letter “a.”

The next problem is that we thought about giving her a middle name of Sophie, but everyone said absolutely not!

My last name starts with “S” and we couldn’t make an ass of our daughter. . .

Hmmm…Amy? Anne? Alma? Amara?

I don’t speak Chinese, can you tell? :smiley: Just guessing at a few that have sounds like Chinese sounds I can hear.

I’m going to guess “Amy” based on our Chinese neighbors when I was growing up, who jumped on that name for their firstborn daughter when they first heard it (‘So pretty … so unusual’ - well as it turned out it was the number 1 name for girl babies born in Australia that week, as they found out much later)

My guess is Oct. 10 at 10:35 a.m. Tokyo time.

I picked 10/10 because it’s my nephew’s birthday. He will be 7 this year. :slight_smile: It’s a good day to be born, I think.

While the 10th is quite a favorite, my wife wants to know why everyone on the Dope hates her.

The due date is the 9th, and she really wants this thing to happen sooner!

Okay, how about 29 September at 3:52 ayem (UTC + 9 or UTC -7, I don’t care).

Not only would this let your wife off the hook early, but it’s the date/time Yours Truly was inflicted on the world — and if anything can atone for that, it would be Beta-chan.

Sorry. I just wanted it to coincide with my nephew’s birthday. :o

No problem, any chance of getting him to change?

(Also, several people have mentioned this and later:eek: and I’m not singling you out :))

My vote is for Oct. 4 at 6:42 PM EST, my sister’s birthday. (7:42 AM 10/5 your time. My job requires me to know that off the top of my head)

I was a premie. My mom was 37 when my sister was born. My mom had some serious health problems that hadn’t given her good odds of a healthy pregnancy. They’d had some ambiguous test results on the baby (which they couldn’t do much about in 1985). Between that and me having been so early, my mom was High Risk in bright red letters. To everyone’s surprise, my sister held on to her due date. . . on which day Hurricane Gloria slammed ashore and trapped this very pregnant woman in her house with no power, no water, and two huge downed oak trees between her and the hospital. (In a NJ, where people aren’t exactly prepared for hurricanes)

My sister blessedly stayed put, and was born a week later, healthy, after 6 hours of labor the night before her “we can’t believe this baby is late” C-section.

I wish you the same thing my parents got with my sister-- a first normal birth experience, with a chubby healthy infant and nothing but average and mundane. I hope it’s routine the doctor’s bored. (My sister was nearly double my size and my parents apparently spent some time astonished at how huge she was-- something I imagine you will do as well.)

Though I feel bad wishing your wife a night labor. My best friend, who’s baby is actually having her 100 Day ceremony on Oct. 5, had her at 5 AM. It was a loooong night.

I’ll put a vote in for 7th October at 9am (GMT).

Beta-chan must be the most eagerly-awaited baby ever! Best wishes to you and your wife!

YAY for Baby Pools!

My vote is for September 28. 8:12 am.
Only because my sympathies are with Mrs. Toyko Player.