OMG, is this it? Beta-chan, are you coming?

It may be labor, it may not, but we moved far enough away from the hospital, (about 90 min.) that everyone thinks it’s better to be safe than sorry.

I’m leaving work to take her in for what may be a birth, or may be just another day.

Wooooooo! Damn good thing that all the preparations are done, the bags packed and the cameras charged, because I’m too excited to think of any of the details. I can barely type this thing!

I am now on my way!

It’s game time!

Or not, we may be doing this for a while.

Gambatte Beta-chan and Mama and TokyoPlayer!

Hopefully, October 2nd is a new special day for your family!

Maybe I can hear the new baby’s crying from my Tokyo office.

Keeping a good thought here for Beta-chan and Mrs. Player. Hang in there dude, soon it will be a happy occasion. :slight_smile:

crosses fingers

Go, Beta! Go, Beta! Go, Beta!

Eee yay! goodthoughts

Go Beta go!

OH Wow!! * Keeps Everything crossed* Safe delivery Baby Girl! (((Tokyo & Mrs Player)))

But … I had October 3rd!!


Hang on for a very bumpy ride, Beta-Chan!

Go! Go! Go!
Beta-chan, know that you are eagerly anticipated and will be loved.

Time to un-sticky, Beta!

Go, Be-ta, go, be-ta, go…

May Beta’s delivery be shorter than those of myself and my brothers (24, 3 and 5 hours) but longer than that of my friend Feli (<5 minutes, her name means happiness but the mom claims it was chosen before the birth).

Lets hope this is the real deal and not a false alarm. Beta-chan’s been sticky for almost 9 months now so it’s time to move to phase 2, labor and delivery. I’m excited!


Omedetou gozaimasu!

Minna ga Beta-chan o matteimasu!

Ii ko ni shite, mainichi okaasan to otousan o warawasete ne…

( Hope that came out right… :slight_smile: )

sending all my hope and good thoughts for easy, speedy, pain-free and healthy delivery…


I’ve got all possible fingers crossed for a swift and painless delivery followed by a healthy mama and baby!!

Come out and see the bright, beautiful world, Beta-chan!

Come on, little girl, we’re all looking forward to meeting you!!!

Hope everything goes really smoothly!

Oooh…how exciting! Any news on Beta-Chan? Come on, little one…it’s time to un-sticky yourself!


Beta-chan’s coming! All good wishes to you and Mrs. Player for a quick and easy delivery!

Guess who picked October 2nd, 10:02 AM?