OK, anytime now, Beta-chan

We’re two weeks out, and all is well. Still not completely dropped down into the delivery position, and with the mom only dilated to 2 cm, Beta-chan is still sticky. The good news is that she’s growing and is over 6 lbs now. Better news is that her head size is absolutely normal.

Her Taiwanese cousin decided to upstage her. Due two days after Beta, he’s here (or there, I guess) already. He came kicking on Sunday, and mother and baby are doing well.

It’s time for the BABY POOL! Place your bet on the grand entrance, on the date and time.

I don’t know what we’ll do for the winner, (nope, not giving naming rights, sorry) but we’ll think of something.

(And after a few days, I’m doing much better, thanks everyone.)

I’ll pick my best friend’s birthday, October 1st, at 11:35 AM.

Mate, we don’t need any prizes apart from you and the missus getting a bonny child.

So, no bets here…only good wishes and vibes and hope the sticky-one decides to unstick at an opportune time that conveniences her mum and dad and the midwives and the Obs so that everything goes smoothly!

Gwishes to you all.

Oct 5, 9:28 pm.

October 10th, at 11pm. 3 years to the hour since the arrival of my Smaller Girl. A day guaranteed to be the harbinger of exceptionally cute and bouncy babies, who sleep well. :slight_smile:

Friday, Oct 3, 19:32-my time. Too early in the morning to try to convert time zones.

I think she’s going to be a September baby, soooo…

September 30, around 11:32pm.

Definitely agree, except baby pools are fun!

So I’m going to jump in with September 30 at 10:18 am. That would make her a Tuesday’s child, and therefore full of grace. (The fair of face that comes along with being a Monday’s child is already a given, with her gorgeous Mama.)

I already picked October 7, Littlebro’s Birthday and the anniversary of the Battle of Lepanto. Time? Uh… 22:53, Japan time.

Let’s go with my sister’s birthday, October 5th at 2pm.

Good luck!

As long as all the right bits are present and in the right places, just let nature take its course: she’ll come when she’s ready.

:: nods ::

I agree fully. Let her arrive when she’s ready.

For some reason, I’m thinking of Steven Wright’s Diary of a Newborn:

Day 1 - Still tired from the move.
Day 2 - Everybody talks to me like I’m an idiot…

In memory of my mom I choose Oct. 4th. I’ll say 7:15 a.m.

Don’t tell the missus, but I stayed dilated 4 cm for a* whole month*, while my son dilly-dallied around in there considering coming out, the little stinker. He’s been a pain in the butt ever since. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think October 10th would be a good day to be born. 10/10. But any day would be good!


Wood smoke in the air
Autumn brings changes, harvest
And a treasured babe

October 11 at 7:45 pm.

My mother’s birthday.

October 6, 2:30 am

(My birthday, and approximate time of birth. Yeah, I’m with the anytime so long as she’s healthy and Mom’s healthy crowd, but . . . this close to my birthday I can’t resist the temptation to stake a claim on it).

October 6th. My birthday. An excellent birthday present! :smiley:

I just checked my date book, and October 4 is our local Oktoberfest. My husband’s band will be playing, so I’m going for that. 6:12 p.m., local time, oom-pah.

I’ll pick my dad’s birthday, October 2, at 10:45am Eastern time.

Time to start peeling off the duct tape, Beta-Chan! Turn upside down and get ready!!

October 4, at 3:20am.

Get ready for the world, Beta-chan!