OK, anytime now, Beta-chan

I’ll take September 27th at 10:14 AM, as it’s a day that I always think is the birthday of someone I know, but it isn’t. So if Beta-chan makes her grand appearance on the 27th, I won’t have to wrack my brain every year trying to remember who’s birthday it is!

And if I’m right, I claim a cuddle with the baby as my reward, if you’re ever in my town! :smiley:

How about October 7, 9am?

October 4th. 11:42pm.

I see Savannah already took part of my answer, but I’m going with it anyway:

Friday, October 10th, at 10:10 am.

I’m picking Oct 6 (I’m rather partial to it, as it’s my birthday as well) and I’m going to 3:18AM, because of no particular reason at all.

October 14, 5:20am.

She will be in good company, and much loved.


Um…I hope we didn’t send TOO many sticky-vibes.:smiley:
My husband was born on Oct. 1, and so was my cousin. So I’ll pick 8 p.m. that day.

I’m picking John Lennon’s (and Sean Lennon’s) birthday, October 9. Let’s say 9:13 AM.

Yay for stickysticky Beta-chan! I pick October 8th at 3:54pm!

I’m gonna go with October 9th, 7:15PM.

There are a lot of people who can’t wait to welcome you to the world, Beta-chan!

I’ll go with my son’s due date, and the time he was actually born, twelve days later.

So, Oct. 3, 6:15 pm

Friday’s child is loving and giving.

October 8, 2pm. The date and hour of my wedding.

Un-sticky, Beta-chan!

Beta-chan can come unstuck any old time he (or she) feels like it. As long as you guys get a happy, healthy baby out of it, I’m happy. :cool:

I’m picking my exact birth time October 7, 12:24 AM Eastern Standard Time

or 1:24 PM in Japan, if I did that right.

BaneSidhe, 9 AM where? Competition is tough for 10/7 so we need to nail it down! :slight_smile:

October 8th, 2:30PM.

October 6th, 1:43 AM!

Beta-chan, it’s time to become unsticky soon. We wanted you very sticky, which is good, but now you must learn to become slippery in the coming weeks.

Just not too slippery. Like my little brother was and when my mom was having her c-section.

And he slipped out of the doctor’s hands (barely picked up thankfully) and back into my mom’s tummy. Oof! :stuck_out_tongue:

Friday October the 3rd. 11:58am EST.

I will say October 2 for my father’s birthday, and go with 10:02 AM.

This is great!

Unless otherwise noted, all times and dates are local, Tokyo time. If you specificy a US time and date, it will be converted over. Note that the date may change. A 3:00 pm EST will be 4:00 am the next date (because of the International Date Line).

My wife is uncomfortable, as expected, and not getting much rest at night. I read somewhere that this is nature’s way of getting the mother ready to be up all night with the newborn, but for what ever reason, she needs to get up hourly to drain her bladder, a thimble at a time. :o

We’re set! The bags are packed, the hospital number registered to all the phones, the car will be gassed tonight and the grandmothers are coming next week.

This is just incredible. It’s going to happen! All will be well! We can believe! We will soon [del]see[/del] hold, smother, kiss, bounce, smell, embrace, cuddle, and cradle, Beta!

I pick October 9th at 10:34 in the morning. I’m so excited for the TokyoPlayer family!