A baby, our baby! Beta is born!

Shout it from the rooftops, sing it from the trees
Yell it in the streets, Skype it overseas

This is not what we thought would happen. (Can someone link to my post in the OMG thread? I’m posting with a PDA and it’s ackward.)

A little drama, down to the wire. Such a strange turn of events, to be ready for labor and then to have it all happen behind closed doors. An emergency c-section to save our little one.

But she’s here! And so pretty! Born Oct 7 at 5:26 pm, at 3226 g 7 lbs

More later, but all is with Anya and Mom.


Welcome, Beta. Congratulations Tokyo parents!


Welcome, Beta-Chan. May your life be long and joyful.


I have been following your story and awaiting the good news. I am glad everything and everyone is good.


Yay for Anya is delivered safely! Congratulations, TokyoParents!

Happy Birth Day, Anya! I wish you health, wealth, and happiness always.

Baby! Cute cuddly little baby!

I want one (but one that can be returned to their parents)!


Here’s his post from the OMG thread about what led to little Beta-chan’s quick arrival in our world.


I am so happy for you all!

And Anya is a simpy gorgous name.


So much congrats, and all the best wishes.

10/7/08, a good day to be born.


Your resident smiley guy (again),

Hooray!!! Yay, Beta-chan, with us at last!! Yay, ToykoPlayer and TokyoWife, happy happy parents!!
Okay, she’s like, what, two hours old now? Where are the pix??

Yeay! Congratulations!




Congratulations! I’m so happy for you all. I wish you all the very, VERY best.

I also have been a big lurker, ALWAYS facinated by your writing, Tokyoplayer! While I never posted, you and your wife (and Anya!) have always been in my thoughts and prayers!
Give a big kiss and hug to both! (and one for yourself!):slight_smile:


That’s wonderful! Yay, Beta Chan! Welcome to the beautiful world. I’m so happy for all of you.

What wonderful news! Congratulations to TokyoPlayer and TokyoWife - and welcome to Beta-chan, may your life be long and joyous.

Congratulations to you!

Welcome little beta-chan, do you know how many people are glad you are here?

That is wonderful news to start this day!